CHANGE: Closer Still: LP

May 25, 2021

Straight edge hardcore that takes the sound of Gorilla Biscuits and makes it heavier by adding some Underdog and Mouthpiece. The cover art brings to mind the Uniform Choice “A Wish to Dream” T-shirt from way back, the lyric sheet is reminiscent of Wishingwell Records design, and they end the record with a cheesy spoken word poem thing like UC did on their Screaming for Change LP. I doubt Change is out to reinvent the wheel in the straight edge world, and that’s fine. I get the sense this is more about going off and having a good time. The lyrics are disposable, but the music is blazing and crunchy. At times they veer off course and throw in a reggae break (“Still”) or have some awful backup singy-songy vocals, but when they stay on course they are a force to reckon with. This LP is pretty good, and fans of the genre will be more than pleased with what they hear. –Matt Average (Refuse,, [email protected])