CHAINED BLISS: Self-titled: LP

Sep 22, 2022

The past few months have seen some killer releases and this is up there in the higher echelons of the group that has got me all hot and bothered. I get the comparisons to Wipers but there are also moments which make me think of Low Culture and Radioactivity, to add some twenty-first century likenesses. It has some of the angular traits of Greg Sage’s outfit whilst blending in the tuneful drive of the latter two bands, which makes for a compelling listen. An upbeat delivery prevails with “Creative Seizure,” “Inner Citadel,” and “Mirrors” being prime examples of how to imbue songs with boundless energy linked with the ability to make catchy-as-fuck songs. “Pillars of Abuse,” at over four minutes, has the band switching to a slower pace before, twice, bursting into an effervescent romp, adding a touch of variety to proceedings. This old chap is well happy with this slab of vinyl. –Rich Cocksedge (Drunken Sailor, [email protected],