CHAIN WHIP: 14 Lashes: LP

Dec 06, 2019

Vancouver BC has a lot of great music going on as of late. I’ve talked about it a lot in these very pages. Needles//Pins, Sore Points, and Corner Boys to name a few. I love all of those bands dearly, but none deliver the pure hardcore punk rock assault of Chain Whip. I saw them live first and quickly picked up their debut 7”. Saw them a few more times and here we are with their first full length. I am enamored by the fact that only one of these rippers clocks in at more than two minutes. This is my punk rock! Breakneck speed yet still finds the time reel you in with interesting parts and loud, singalong choruses. It is hard to reconcile the seething anger and hatred dripping from the vocals with the unequivocal sweetheart that is Joshy (it’s not like it’s a secret. The guy rules!). I was talking with someone in the U.S. recently about how if you look at it from a “per capita” perspective, Canada has a ridiculously high number of top-drawer punk rock bands. Past and present. Chain Whip are ruling Vancouver right now and quickly gaining ground. You’ve been warned. –Ty Stranglehold (Neon Waste,