CHAD FREY: Open.Play.Rebel: CD

Aug 25, 2016

For every quality this record has an aptitude for, there’s another quality it severely lacks. Dynamics and song flow are apparent, but an ear for choruses and adequate vocal lines is missing. That’s not even getting on the record’s odd variety of genres. I can enjoy some metal tinge every now and then, but a radio nü metal song in the middle of a punk record kind of ruins the whole thing. Then there’s the issue of the record’s pretty atrocious lyrics. I can’t tell if the songs are supposed to be satirical, but a cursory glance suggests they are not. “I want sex so bad” is never, ever a line I want to hear in a song. I can’t in good conscious recommend this to anyone. To the creator of the record, I recommend reconsidering placing all of your genre songs on the same album. The number of people interested in the record greatly diminishes with every other genre you add. –Bryan Static (Frey Nation)

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