Sep 26, 2019

Sometimes the best records are the ones I have the hardest time describing. Sure, I can rely on comparisons to bands such as Cülo and their recklessness or the off kilter mania of the Shitty Limits or even a melding of the two, but there’s still a lot more going on beneath the surface here. There’s some chemically induced Wayne Kramer psychedelia in between the guitar riffs that aren’t driving punk or manic hardcore: speaking of which I wouldn’t be surprised if one or all of the band members ate shrooms like candy, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they were all stone sober. The cover artwork is surely a sight to behold: drawings of various unsavory looking characters (including the devil himself) doing everything from drinking wine to preaching nonsense imposed over a photograph of a graveyard and various headstones. Okay I take it back, there are definitely drugs involved here. Perhaps the best description is the album’s hype sticker that has the ringing endorsements of both Ron House (Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments) and a member of Japanese hardcore legends Death Side: “I thought I hated hardcore but you guys are really cool!” and “Good song” respectively. You can’t argue with results. Get this. –Juan Espinosa (Feel It)