CAVEXRAGE: I Believe In…: CS

Mar 27, 2020

Even if Cavexrage (yes, they pronounce the “X”), is nothing more than a parody of straight edge hardcore punk at its most simplistic, it is one of the most entertaining parodies I’ve come across in some time. As soon as we’re pronouncing the X in the band’s name, you get that there’s a joke going on. When you realize that the lyrics to the opening track “CaveXrage Stomp” are just the song titles of the songs on the tape, you start to feel like you’re in on the joke, even as you’re shamelessly bedroom moshing. The pinnacle for me is when the singer is too straight edge to play golf with his dad or read a book in the track “Twisted in My Head.” Come for the humor, but stay for the riffs, and you too will believe in CaveXrage. –Paul J. Comeau (Poop Stick,