Aug 16, 2017

L.A.’s Cave State has quickly become the most recognizable name of the current crop of powerviolence bands. Their tutelage consists mainly of a strict diet of Crossed Out and Excruciating Terror, so while their offerings aren’t exactly game changers you could definitely do worse. Concussive is from the East Bay but don’t get it twisted: AFI they ain’t. They play relentless and manic powerviolence, flirting with noise and power electronics that don’t sound like everyone else (Bastard Noise clones). Much like Cave State, their sound borrows heavily from the first and second wave powerviolence bands but I’m picking up a trace of Mellow Harsher’s sheer, brutal force and Suppression’s total disregard for conventionalism. For my money, Concussive clearly comes out on top of this split but Cave State is nothing to scoff at. For maximum results, punch a fucking Nazi after you listen to this. –Juan Espinosa (To Live A Lie)