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Video Playlist from Awesome Fest 7: with more fun to come!

Yet another Awesome Fest has come and gone, in the space of one drunken weekend. Because we are prompt punks, we’ve started uploading highlights from our San Diego shenanigans already! Our Awesome Fest 7 playlist currently sits at a modest 14 videos, but I can promise you there’ll be buttloads more action so you can relive the entire magical adventure at your leisure!

If you run out of Awesome Fest, may I remind you there are over 1400 videos to waste your time with?

Videos of Sean Carswell, Cheryl Klein, and Jim Ruland Reading at Skylight Books: from the Madhouse Fog book release By Candice

Did you miss our issue #74/Madhouse Fog release party at Skylight Books? If you don’t live in LA, it’s possible you might have! Not to worry, as our crew captured it all for you to view at your leisure/right now!

Jim Ruland reads his short story Dutch Harbor Nights, the beginning of his experience traveling with Alaskan fisherman from the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. BONUS: Jim sings Bob Seger! (skip to 5:18 for his beautiful rendition) 

Cheryl Klein reads an excerpt from her short story that’s centered around the question “what do you do with a bunch of answers that aren’t really answers?”

Last but never least, the man of the hour/evening/book release, Sean Carswell. He reads a chapter from the new book you may have heard of, Madhouse Fog.

Thanks to MC for helming the camera, and Zonkers for the fancy lens flare and editing skillz. If you enjoy Razorcake-approved authors reading their various works, may I suggest our author readings youtube playlist, and our Gorsky Press story podcasts? I may!

Birthday Suits Video Interview at Razorcake HQ: with live footage from The Redwood!

Hello and Konnichiwa! Welcome to another Razorcake interview/video mashup! 

The poppy, powerful energy of the Birthday Suits can only be matched by their delightful interview with Todd. Find out whether they’ve ever performed naked, and whose phone has a train whistle ringtone!

Enjoy the two great tastes of interview clips and live performance footage, lovingly edited together into a delicious short video – a perfect amuse bouche to their cover story in issue #74!

as always, more videos of both the live performance AND the interview type can be found on our ever-expanding youtube page!

Shark Pants and Steve Adamyk Band: in your Weekly Video Roundup By Candice

Your weekly video roundup is back with a hot ‘n fresh batch of punk rock video entertainment! 

Please enjoy the popular stylings of Shark Pants, ripping the shit outta the VLHS 2 year anniversary show! 

Daryl caught the Steve Adamyk Band while on tour up in Seattle. The sheer force of their catchy pop punk stylings has nearly blown my eardrums out several times. So play with caution!

Check back for more hot video action next week! In the meantime, peruse our newly-updated youtube channel for fun times with Terrible and Zonkers!

How to Shotgun a Beer, The Video: Education Takes Everything: A Hula Hoop, Bubbles, and a Werewolf By Candice

Here at Razorcake, we are committed to bringing you videos that are both informative AND fun. Of course the first topic we decided to tackle was shotgunning a beer. Technique is important!

With Darth Vader masks, bubble machines, and hula hoops, you can bet we had a damn swell time. I hope you learn something.

Over twelve hundred more videos are eagerly awaiting your click at our youtube channel!

Featured Video for April 28th 2013: from L.A. Zine Fest, with interviews from artists and zine makers By Candice

This week’s video, by Alxis Ratkevich, is all about L.A. Zine fest! Featuring a live performance by the Smelly Tongues from the pre-party reading and rock spectacular, plus insight and words of wisdom from artists and zine makers, including our very own Todd Taylor.

This is just one of over twelve hundred videos we have lovingly shot, edited, and uploaded just for you! Take a chance, browse our stuff, and maybe fall in love with a new song or something.

Featured Videos for April 21th 2013 By Candice

This week, we’ll take a break from bringing you documented ruckus* to instead feature The Evens. Yes, that band with the bald dude from Minor Threat! 

The duo was recently in Riverside, so you know that means Marty Ploy was there, ready to film it all.

Wanted Criminals:


Mt. Peasant Isn’t:

When you’re feeling lonely, you can always count on our youtube channel to be there for you, any time of day or night.


* Don’t worry – there’s more to come!

Featured Videos for April 15th 2013: the Chicken versus Los Angeles, part the third By Candice

Good news, ruckus fans! We have further documented evidence of the Chicken in Los Angeles!

Little Tokyo seems relatively undisturbed, as though guys in chicken/rabbit heads set up drum kits on the sidewalk with regularity. Is anyone even looking? Are they all deaf? NO ONE KNOWS! All that is known is that the ruckus was brought, and this is the proof.

Unfortunately we don’t have the technology to provide you with the proper voice-over that would truly do this next video justice. So please, just imagine it in your heads.

A few adventurers scurry past, probably hoping not to be seen by the weird guy on a drum kit in the middle of the woods.

Oh well. We shall continue bringing the ruckus to the people, whether the people are into the ruckus or not! Check back in approximately seven days’ (give or take a day) time for yet another round of the Rhythm Chicken’s West Coast Tour! In the meantime, keep your ADD-addled brain occupied with one of our many of youtube videos!