Eastside Punks, Episode 2: The Brat

In our second installment of Eastside Punks, we focus on East L.A. legends The Brat. Formed in the late 1970s, vocalist Teresa Covarrubias, guitarists Rudy Medina and Sidney Medina, bassist Lou Soto, and drummer Robert Soto quickly cornered the market on smart, taut pop delivered with righteous punk fury by one of the tightest bands in the area.

Eastside Punks, Episode 1: Thee Undertakers

In this first installment of the Eastside Punks series, we speak with first-gen East L.A. punks Thee Undertakers. Beginning at local parties in 1977, they became regulars in the scene centered around the legendary early-’80s eastside punk club The Vex.

Watch the video for Mike Faloon’s book The Other Night at Quinn’s

Interview with Royal Headache by Sal Go

Burger Boogaloo 2017 by Ever aka The Girl About Town, Short Film by Alxis Ratkevich

Featured recent videos from Razorcake’s YouTube Channel!

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Razorcake Has a YouTube Channel, a Public Service Announcement

Leftover Crack (w/ Jesse Michaels) – Sound System / Unity (live at Bridgetown DIY, 12/19/2015)

Boogaloo and after party 2016 videos, Feat. Fresh Young Fellows, Fink (Teengenerate), Angry Samoans, The Bananas, Gooch Palms, by Jennifer Federico

Which band does David Duchovny call during their set? Just who does
Fink order to suck his dick? Gotta watch the videos to find out..

Razorcake Donation Drive Video 2015

The Scenics Video Preview : First wave Toronto art punk from 1978 By Dale

During the first wave of punk rock in the mid-to-late ‘70s, there was already a subgenre splintering off, riding side-by-side with this new-fangled brand of rock’n’roll. These bands of the more art-inclined subgenre held their own—notably NYC’s Suicide, Television, Richard Hell And The Voidoids, and Talking Heads.

Summer 1976: cut northwest of NYC into Canada, almost eight hundred miles away to the city of Toronto. The meeting of two guys in their late teens sparked a band as worthy as their NYC contemporaries. That band is The Scenics.

This brand new video below features the 1978 track “I Killed Marx,” from their brand new collective release, In the Summer / The Scenics Studio Recordings 1977-78.

To check out other Scenics recordings, years of interesting history, and other recent going-ons, visit their website, or drop by and say hey to founding member Andy Meyers at his Facebook page:


–Designated Dale