Video Reviews

Sex Pistols, The: Music Box Biographical Collection: DVD

Just how slurpy and unnerving it is...

Kid Dynamite: Four Years in One Gulp: DVD

This movie is the perfect presentation and preservation of a band that should be remembered and regarded as one of the brightest spots in late ‘90s/ early ‘00s punk.

BellRays: Live at the Bar Fly: DVD

Much respect and gratitude is due to the folks at Punkervision for making available a video document of one of the greatest punk bands ever to grace the planet.

Assemblage v1.0: DVD

Maybe instead of the current title, this DVD could be titled What’s Wrong with Music Today (and a Few Exceptions), Volume One.

Lords of Dogtown: A Movie Review. You Like Movies, Right?

There's this moment where he skates off the pier and falls what looks like fifty feet into the ocean. While this can also be seen as him saying "fuck it" to everything - opportunity and hope - it is also a beautiful expression of freedom.

Bush's Brain: A DVD Review

This documentary makes the very convincing argument that Rove's power is immense, to the degree that he has become, in effect, the co-President of the United States.

Badsville: A Video Review

It’s a sick’n’twisted tale of the new LA musical underground: a Decline of the Western Civilization for the 21st Century. It's good trashy dirty fun for the eyes, ears, and soul! The fast-paced imagery is as frenetic and crazed as the music itself.

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