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COLÈRE: Unleashed: LP

Caught somewhere between d-beat and hardcore, Belgian outfit Colère hits hard and fast, leaving me with a massive grin on my face. For a debut album, Unleashed is an outstanding collection of tracks, with occasional dual vocals but primarily those of Sharon, who nails those duties. The overall sound is a blend of clean and […]

COME CLOSER: We Died with Print: LP

Loved their 2021 album, Pretty Garbage, and We Died with Print,for the most part, seems cut from the same cloth. No big departures from that previous effort, just ten relentlessly hooky, well-produced pop songs. There’s an inherent timelessness here—feels like this could have come out in 1987 or yesterday. It’s just got this immutable pop […]

COSMO JIMMY: Under That Dress: LP

Hot on the heels of Feel It Records 2023 reissue of The Toms 1979 self-titled record comes the Cosmo Jimmy LP, Under That Dress. Cosmo Jimmy was a project/alter ego of Tom Marolda, the multi-instrumentalist and crack producer behind The Toms. The backstory of how the Cosmo Jimmy album came to be is long, has […]

CROMM FALLON: Presents the P200: CS

Cromm Fallon has a decent bag of tricks, sometimes evoking power pop, sometimes conjuring up Johnny Thunders’s ghosts in Heartbreakers-sounding songs. Over the course of this one, the mix of genres and influences is charming, as each different style is well-executed. Heck of a “Flip Your Wig” cover, too, which evokes the Hüskers without completely […]


This split EP has three songs from each band and kicks things off with The Gundown. Catalonian punks The Gundown, based in Tarragona, have been playing their mix of rock and punk since 2008. They have three bouncy and hard-hitting tracks that really give off a lot of energy and make me smile while listening […]


Dead Familiars is a Madison, Wis.-based punk band that has a ton of releases out, but this is my first time hearing them. The six songs on this tape have a cool Hüsker Dü/The Replacements sound to them, but not too in-your-face with the worship of those bands. This collection of songs is peppy and […]

DEATH RIDGE BOYS: “Society Overdose” b/w “Turn the Tide”: 7”

“Introspective” isn’t something I’d often bust out when talking about streetpunk, but that’s what I’m getting with this new single from DRB. Two songs, both running big on ruminations about sustaining ourselves through the hellish times, and musing on those overarching, tectonic shifts in our lives. A pair of thoughtful, measured songs, still with giant […]

DIAMOND DOGS: World Serpent: LP

This Dutch skinhead band punches you in the throat with eight songs that have the requisite shouted and gruff vocals, shambolically played music, and so much anger and animosity that the weak will fall while listening to this album. The band sounds like a ten-ton truck barreling down the highway, not being able to stop […]

DION LUNADON: Systems Edge: LP

In The Red always had their pulse on fucked-up drug music, but then I realized that was twenty years ago. These days the kids don’t do smack and write songs, maaaaaaan. This New Zealand transplant was in the band The D4 (not “our” D4) from a couple decades back that got big enough doing some […]

DIPPERS: Clastic Rock: LP

This took me a couple of listens to warm up to, and then on the third go around I heard, “So I’m always sitting there, in a side cart with no command, and a dainty puzzled stare.” I heard the piano and trombone come through, and my reaction was, “This is almost too good for […]


This Brooklyn-based band straddles the line between U.K. post-punk and the New York art punk that came before it with this five-song cassette release. At times, monotone-delivered vocals and rhythmically choppy guitars bring to mind Joy Division and Television respectively without laying it on too thick. Elsewhere, the droney guitar in a song immediately makes […]


Oddball freakout rock/punk with a healthy dose of lysergic inspiration and the slighter hint of country music, to boot. Think Frank Zappa as interpreted by the Butthole Surfers and you’re in the ballpark. –Jimmy Alvarado (Phantom, 


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