Live Reviews

Samiam, Thrice, Crashcart: Live at the Troubadour - 1/24/01 By Gizz

Sergie really held his own, making up for James's absence like a pro. Also, with Jason Beebout's mesmerizing voice, after the first few songs, you could hear James' spirit coming through Sergie's playing.

Causey Way, The: at Spaceland By Sean Carswell

Amidst the candles, the religious kitsch, the glowing CIA sign (Causey Is Awesome, Causey Is an Asshole, Causey Is Anarchy), the all white uniforms, the go-go boy, and the intermittent Causey sermons, the band never forgot to fuse their bizarre duel keyboard-fueled, new-wave inspired rock'n'roll.

Dictators, The with The Bellrays at Spaceland: Dude, I think it was sometime in Sept. 2000 By Nam

The next day as I unclothed myself to take a well earned-shower, I saw the black and blue Dalmatian prints of bruises littering my body. All I could do was smile knowing that each bruise counted as each song in the long repertoire of the last great American band to survive the punk rock heydays of CBGB's.

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