Book Reviews

Dear Mr. Mackin: By Rich Mackin

He meticulously picks apart the worthiness of their products while making a complete mockery of the knee-jerkin’ commercial messages that are slavishly used to promote the mass-produced goods in question. And he accomplishes it all with a straight-faced childlike demeanor inquisitively streaking through each word.

War Against Oblivion, The:: The Zapatista Chronicles by John Ross By Sean Carswell

The War Against Oblivion is a glaring spotlight on the fact that the US and Mexican governments continue to kill the indigenous people of this continent.

Become the Media: by Jello Biafra, Audio Book By Sean Carswell

What I like about Jello Biafra is that he's punk rock's own well-respected intellectual.

Stories Hollywood Never Tells: Howard Zinn, Audio Book By Sean Carswell

Howard Zinn strikes me as an amazing writer, historian, and intellectual for several reasons. He delivers very complex information with a conversational tone, and he maintains a sense of humor when speaking of things that normally inspire outrage.

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