VARIOUS ARTISTS: The East Coast of Oi!: CD

This features, among others, the Wretched Ones, Outsiders, Sniper, Cuffs, Terminus City, Ducky Boys, Heidnik Stew, Squiggy and Disorderly Conduct. The featured songs are about how great the East Coast is, beating up the homeless, being a veteran sucks, lying politicians, fighting, drunken memories, dead heroes, shitty landlords, fighting,

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Disarming Violence: CD

It’s absolutely amazing to me that a comp with heavy hitters like Dag Nasty, NOFX, All, Agnostic Front, Blanks 77, and Youth Brigade, not to mention the 2nd stringers represented here, totaling 25 bands, would have a grand total of one song worth a shit: Youth Brigade’s “Guns Are For…” The rest is pretty much pop punk dreck about as dangerous or

UNION 13: Youth Betrayal and the Awakening: CD

I just wanted to quickly address something before I go into the review. In a recent interview with these guys I heard on KPFK, it was implied that Union 13 was the “first” punk band from East L.A., which the band didn’t seem to bother correcting. This fact is utter bullshit and the band knows full well that it is. Union 13 were relative latecomers

TEMPLE OF THE TIMES: Requiem for the Lost Children: CD

I thought I’d heard everything after being exposed to Jesus math metal a while back. I was wrong. This is an industrial-oriented dance band who has apparently made it their mission to bring all those heathen goth kids into the light of Jesus Christ. Now I’ve heard everything.

 –jimmy (Blacklight, PO Box 6552, Kokomo, IN

TEMPLARS: Biaus Seignors Freres: CD

So far as I can tell, this is a collection of early demos from various incarnations of the band. I assume this because there’s four band names in the track listings and the band personnel doesn’t change too much from one to the next. Musically, it sounds like the Templars, which means if you like oi, it rarely gets better than this these days.