ATTIC TED: Kafka Dreaming: LP

This record is weird as hell. Like going to a carnival on Mars. Weirdo Casio keyboards, clarinets, and definitely an organ thrown in on a lot of songs. The record is oddly catchy but also gave me a weird feeling while I was listening to it. –Emily T. (Pecan Crazy)

AUREOLE OF ASH: Morbid Reality: 10”

Before I dive in: it is depressing that we still need anti-Nazi messaging on punk records. Thanks to Aureole Of Ash for laying down the law on this great 10”. This German trio plays raw and angry crust with blast beats and double bass drums and a layer of fuzz that spits from the speakers like steel wool. The cover’s badass, too: murky black silk-screening on brown cardboard. Everything about this twelve-song banger kicks ass. –Chris Terry (


Pop punk perfection. I don’t follow this genre too closely, so my comparisons are probably weak, and I’ll spare you. Here are my basic requirements for a great pop punk record: metronomic precision, catchy and honest lyrics, and familiar but new chord progressions that new or seasoned players can pick up. They aced all of these things. This is a solid record all the way through. –Ryan Nichols (Lockjaw, no address listed)

BAT SIGNAL: Straight out of Midnight: LP

Vinyl edition of these Greek punk rockers’ 2017 debut full-length. Resemblances to a horn-less Rocket From The Crypt abound, emphasizing the “rock” over the “punk” in a fun, hooky, listen. If you like rock music and fun, this record is worth checking out. If not, then you might need to reexamine your life choices. –Chad Williams (Keep It A Secret, / L.R.S., / World’s Appreciated Kitch, / Cannonball / Now Or Never / Walk The Line)

BATO: Ravages of Time: 7”

This record offers seven songs of raging Virginia Beach hardcore with moments that remind me of the “classics,” along the lines of the earliest (and best) offerings by MDC, DRI, and Agnostic Front, without the overtly stated politics. With seemingly more personal lyrics, this is ripping non-stop with a vocalist who rarely comes up for air throughout. File under: Bands who like to “fuck shit up” and/or “get this fuckin’ pit started!” –Mark Twistworthy (Not For The Weak,


Tough punk from Philadelphia with great riffs and thoughtful lyrics on the current state of the world. With this style it can be easy to fall flat and come off sounding mediocre, but Battalion Zośka avoid that pitfall with ease. The album has guest spots from Dez Cadena and Newt from Angelic Upstarts. This one is a winner! –Ty Stranglehold (Violated,


I’m always a little amazed at the presence of a new Besmirchers record… mostly amazed that they remain alive to release one. There can be a certain tendency to dismiss them as just another foul-smelling gaggle of bloody, drunken dopes, but their records are always so well-produced and their packaging so flawlessly deluxe that you really have no choice other than to take them seriously—odd as it seems, they’re obviously not half-assing anything. And, while I can’t say that hot girls (or ugly guys) cutting themselves up does a ton for my appetite—sexual or otherwise—if you long for (or were just too little for) the vile thunder of Poison Idea, Antiseen, or GG Allin circa 1990, the Besmirchers have your fix. Now boil it down, cook it up in a spoon, have your girlfriend tie you off with a pair of dirty panties, and shoot it in your dick. BEST SONG: “Dirty Panty Tourniquet.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Dirty Panty Tourniquet.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Counterintuitively, this is some of the prettiest pink/red spatter vinyl I’ve seen all year. –Rev. Nørb (Slope)

BITCH QUEENS: City of Class: CD

This band compares themselves to The Stooges and the Backyard Babies and while I get it, I think there are other factors in play when they crank it up. “Vote for Pedro” and “Superboy” pack a punch when pushed to an unreasonable volume. I dig “Negative Heaven” since it brings some swing to the party. Loud and in your face, so give it a shot. –Sean Koepenick (Lux Noise, [email protected])

BITCH QUEENS: City of Class: CD

Well this is a first. This band saw a scathing review I did of one of their similar-sounding buddy bands in which I called that band out for being a bunch of boring, whining misogynists, and for some reason they decided that I had to be the one to review their new record. I’m not sure if that means they want a negative review or they genuinely thought I’d like this one. I’m tempted to just make fun of them for having a rider posted on their website that requests a picture of Iggy Pop in their dressing room at every venue, but really who doesn’t want that? Which isn’t to say they sound like Iggy Pop. I mean, they probably listened to Raw Power a few times, but their version of punk’n’roll is a little too clean for me. It sounds like it should be very sing-along, but the sing-along parts don’t arrive until “Never Say Never,” the second-to-last song, and there are far too many smirks and in-jokes along the way. But they’re having fun, so go for it I guess. –Emma Alice Johnson (Lux Noise, [email protected])


It’s hard to describe how Buffalo this tape is, but it’s a special place that just doesn’t translate. It’s a kind of mix of hardcore synth goth that comes out of a place where punk scenes have room for all manner of noise because, for most of the year, you need to be in rooms together since the outside is inhospitable. You build up a certain kind of skin and that skin is what is on display here. Slightly inscrutable but with a sense of whimsy that is more a send-up of similar NYC artists who take themselves too seriously than a satire. For fans of Cold Cave or a more stripped down version of The Faint or anyone (like me) who loves Buffalo deeply. –Theresa W. (No Coast)