Needles//Pins interview by Chris Mason


Their lyrics convey a sense of melancholy—like many of my favorite bands—while their music makes me want to smile and pound my fists in the air. We’re staring into the void, but we might as well try to have a good time doing it!

Interview with Gary Floyd by David Ensminger

Gary Floyd by David Ensminger

In turbulent times, when the President is openly sexist, gay culture has begun to blur into a gradient of “queer,” and police violence is omnipresent, Gary Floyd reminds us how the punk explosion cohered a sense of freedom that is still being sought. As singer for the ribald, raucous, and renegade Dicks, he became a folk hero of the left, while Sister Double Happiness helped ignite a roots-punk movement alongside Gun Club, X, Divine Horsemen, and others.

Interview with Royal Headache by Sal Go

The Heartlights interview by Alxis Ratkevich


What do E.T., dumpster diving raccoons and power pop love songs all have in common? The Heartlights first album …oh dear…

Interview with Frank Discussion and D.H. Peligro of the Feederz by David Ensminger

Throughout four decades of endless conflict and upheaval, the music of Feederz has been sporadic, vociferous, and mysterious; recently reformed in the ascendancy of Trump, their newest cuts on What Would Hitler Do? (an EP on Slope Records) are timely and barbed, likely making people feel as thrilled, angered, and “woke” as the past.

Chris Gethard Podcast Interview (with full text) by Kurt Morris

“I got exposed to punk so young that it felt like a skeleton key, if that makes sense. If there’s a thing I think should exist and has a right to exist, then I’m going to find a way to make it exist.” –Chris Gethard

Interview with Meghan O’Neil Pennie of Super Unison by Nicole X

Anyone who is helping broaden the contributors to punk is so important.

We Were There: Voices from L.A. Punk’s First Wave | An Oral History hosted by Alice Bag

(Originally run in Razorcake #79, April / May 2014) My name is Alicia Velasquez, but I’m better known as Alice Bag. I grew up in East L.A., the daughter of Mexican immigrants. In the late 1970s, I was the lead singer of a band called The Bags, one of the first wave of Hollywood bands

Interview with Liz Suburbia: Punk Rock Ethos on Paper By Natalye Childress

It’s been a whirlwind year for Liz Suburbia, who saw the release of her first book, Sacred Heart, published by Fantagraphics Books. The artist and author opened up in an email interview about how punk rock and comics helped mold her approach to art, how she’s teaching herself to improve her craft, and her thoughts on the internet’s role in creating a platform for marginalized voices to be heard.

Talkin’ About These Days with Vic Bondi, Interview by David Ensminger

Articles Of Faith unleashed a dizzyingly coordinated and rhythmic three-guitar attack, literate lyrics that embraced sheer poetry as well as the anger of underground America, and a bracing, flexible hardcore style that still feels pertinent and prescient. Singer Vic Bondi continues to pack such  ferocity, commitment to contemporary issues (like problematic military drone campaigns, “psychopathic patriots,” and environmental damage), and a boiling sense of urgency on his newest solo outing Primary.