Emma Alice Johnson Interview by Michael T. Fournier

Welcome to the second installment of Paging All Punks, in which I talk to writers about their connection with punk rock. I met Emma Alice Johnson in her hometown of Minneapolis a few years ago. Emma’s work is weird—so weird, in fact, that I didn’t have a frame of reference for her writing.

Interview with The Gotobeds by Nick Roseblade

Since 2012 Pittsburgh’s The Gotobeds have been redefining what DIY indie can and should be. So far they’ve released two flawless albums Poor People are Revolting and Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic. Their third, the facetiously titled, Debt Begins at 30 is the bands strongest and most cohesive to date.

Elizabeth Hand Interview by Michael T. Fournier

Welcome to Paging All Punks, a new series focused on interviews with writers about their involvement in the punk scene.

Subhumans interview by Adam Perry

“If we can invent computers and iPhones, we can feed the fucking world and live in fucking peace.” -Dick Lucas, Suhhumans

Huma Aatifi interview by Ryan Leach

Photos courtesy of Huma Aatifi Huma Aatifi is a Boise, Idaho-based artist and musician. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aatifi moved to the United States when she was ten. Aatifi’s artistic pursuits are influenced by musicians and painters on the periphery. Unda Fluxit, a solo vehicle Aatifi started last year, is inspired by artists like Jandek

Remembering Fast ‘N’ Loud by Daniel Makagon


There’s this stigma that punks are fuckups.

War//Plague interview by Ian Glasper


War//Plague from Minneapolis might well have slipped quietly under your radar. Of course, once they’re on your radar, they are anything but quiet, battering out an Antisect/Amebix-inspired noise with a ferocious intensity to equal the best of ’em.

Interview with Flabbercasters by Will Malkus


Will Malkus sits down with Baltimore’s premier wizard punk band about their new album, writing songs about Magic: The Gathering, and breaking a world record.

Tongue Party Interview by John Ensley


You know those days where everything seems to go wrong, and you just want to decompress with some aggressive, cathartic, skull-crushing tunes? Look no further than Minneapolis noise punks Tongue Party.

Typesetter Interview by Joe Arpke

Typesetter Interview by Joe Arpke

We just want to make sure everyone feels safe at our shows…

Matt: We love Propagandhi. I would say that Propagandhi is the most played band in the van.
Sarah: I have no idea who Propagandhi is.