Zander Schloss Presents “My Dear Blue”: Interview by Martin Wong

Click to hear the debut of his lovely, acoustic patient song, which is empathetic to the point of transparency and a heartbreakingly beautiful exploration of human frailty. And, yes, it is punk rock.

Interview with Eric Friedl, Goner Records by Ryan Leach

Exterior photo of Goner Records, a record store

Goner has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan Leach caught up with Eric Friedl to talk about how Goner’s coping with these changes and what their plans are for the future.

Jessie Lynn McMains interview by Michael T. Fournier

Jessie Lynn McMains portrait

Jessie Lynn McMains is a force: equally at home writing poetry, essays, or criticism, her voice evokes the Beats even as she adds modern insight. Welcome to the fifth installment of Paging All Punks, in which I talk with writers about punk rock.

Falling on Deaf Eyes with Justin Maurer, interview by Martin Wong and Todd Taylor

“We take our ability to communicate for granted, and that’s the limitation for deaf people: communication. Interpreters bridge that gap and provide equal access.” -Justin Maurer

James Lull’s Journey from Radio Saigon to Hardcore California by Daniel Makagon

James Lull has always been attracted to music that challenges mainstream norms and he was committed to sharing those interests with radio audiences. He circumvented government-approved radio playlists and helped wake up a sleepy beach community.

Carolyn Zaikowski interview by Michael T. Fournier

Paging All Punks #4 with Carolyn Zaikowski. Carolyn asks, “What’s the punkest thing you’ve ever done?” and doesn’t mention liberating plants from fast food parking lots or naming her debut A Child Is Being Killed.

Joanie Lindstrom’s Loud Rock for Late Risers by Daniel Makagon

Boston has been an important city for punk, hardcore, and indie rock, and the city has also been home to a broad spectrum of radio stations playing alternative music. Joanie Lindstrom discusses the unique qualities of the longest-running punk radio show in the United States.

The Assembly of Gavin Frederick’s “Radio Bomb” by Daniel Makagon

Atlanta once had two large college radio stations that were programming exciting, new independent music. Gavin Frederick explains how he carved out a unique punk radio show within an alternative music landscape.

Interview with Chris L. Terry by Michael T. Fournier

Black Card takes a hard look at race through the lens of its unnamed, mixed-race narrator. I talked to Chris L. Terry about 2019 Richmond punk, growing up near Boston, and the (often unfulfilled) promise of indie press.

Chuck Roast’s Punk Rock “Funhouse” by Daniel Makagon

Chuck Roast used his “Funhouse” radio show to help grow the punk rock scene in Houston in the early days of hardcore. The show reflected a desire to challenge listeners and social norms, while constantly under threat of cancellation by KPFT management.