Confronting Abuse: Reaching the Fifth Stage of Grief by Will Kenneth

But I know i'll have to content with more balloons in my future illustration by Jay Insult

Will finds himself ready to reconnect with his abusive father. He shares some tips on how to re-engage and manage relationships with narcissists if you’re unable to avoid them.

Featured Book Reviews Razorcake 115: Colorado Crew: Denvoid Pt. 2, Shining Man, Music Is Power, Four-Year Depression, An Encyclopedia of Political Record Labels, The Death of You, Texas Is the Reason

Colorado Crew: Denvoid Pt. 2 By Bob Rob Medina and Sonny Kay. Illustration by Jessee Zeroxed

The accounts in the interviews frequently overlap and sometimes hilariously contradict each other (I mean, we are talking about punks here).

Sk8 & Ride: Requiem for a Dream Venue by Angus/The Wonder Of It All

Closeup of hardcore punk flyer at Skate and Ride Bristol, U.K.

Sk8 & Ride was an indoor skate park in Bristol, U.K. which hosted punk gigs in the back room in the late ’90s. These are my water-colored memories as an adolescent who played in bands, rode BMX, and now writes about the good old days, among other things, and buys too many band T-shirts.

Deb Frazin Photo Column—X

Deb Frazin Photo Column—X

After thirty-five long years, the original lineup of X has just released a superb new album called Alphabetland! It’s not an easy accomplishment. In fact, it’s a rarity, but X totally pulled it off! They still have the fire in them!

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere at The Broadberry, RVA, 2/20/2020 | photo by Chris Boarts

Always The Best: Strike Anywhere! I love Strike Anywhere and they never fail to deliver an energetic explosion that puts a smile on my face and just makes me feel all the best feelings of old friends and my hometown.

Dispatch from a Spanish Lock-Down Episode 11 by John Miskelly

we will be the wall that protects public health from the most reactionary right They only seek their own benefit

Razorcake contributor John Miskelly is in Spain, which is under martial law in an effort to slow the curve of Covid 19 infections. This is his eleventh dispatch, Day 43 of the lockdown. The kids están bien; de-escalation; livestream gig drinking game!

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Reckling

Reckling at The Factory DTLA, 2020 | Photo by Deb Frazin

Burger Records has just released a seven-volume series of quarantine-inspired songs! My favorite song is “24 Hours” by my favorite band Reckling.

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Nervous Gender, Mike Ochoa

Punk. This photograph was taken by Gerardo of his school boy friend Mike Ochoa. They were inseparable. The two of them, along with Edward Stapleton, were the nucleus of Nervous Gender.

Dispatch from a Spanish Lock-Down Episode 10 by John Miskelly

paremos los bulos de la derecha illustration by Mr Ze

Razorcake contributor John Miskelly is in Spain, which is under martial law in an effort to slow the curve of Covid 19 infections. This is his tenth dispatch, Day 36 of the lockdown. Curve stagnation; Lockdown Extension; Spanish Covid-19 Vacab Lesson.

On the Verge of Repeating History by Will Kenneth

Will Kenneth Unobservant Jew

Last year when the Trump administration floated an executive order that could have antagonized the Jewish community with callbacks to fascist anti-Semitic laws, Will reacted by tracing his family’s history and discovering how similar laws affected his family.