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Razorcake 140, featuring Crisis Actor, Félix Partoutatix, Shit Present, Erin Link of EB Ranch Farmstead, Clapton Community Football Club: Against Modern Football

“I think that the most valid criticisms come from a place of love.” –Tony, Crisis Actor

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Razorcake 139, featuring Osa Atoe, Carnage Asada, Greg Knowles (Chumpire), Two Punk’s Guide to Community Planning

“It’s about connecting to ancestors, connecting to the people who came before me. Why wouldn’t we want to stand on their shoulders?” –Osa Atoe

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Razorcake 138, featuring Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Al Barile (SSD), Tomar Control, Liz Mason, Chris Rowley (Huggy Bear, Adulkt Life)

“If you don’t pay your bands, you’re screwed.” –Mike Park, Asian Man Records

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Razorcake 137, featuring Night Court, Melissa Cody, Good Grief, Vial, and Mick Collins Part Two

Chose your own adventure: “Jiffy: Thank god for abortions!” and/or “Emilor: I welcome our lobster overlords!” –Night Court

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Razorcake 136, featuring Mick Collins (Part 1), Shizu Saldamando, Vacation, Katie Thornton, and Terminal A

“The Gories just eliminated all of the crust from the intervening years and went back to the first sources and said, ‘Well, we’re gonna start here.’” –Mick Collins

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Razorcake 135, featuring Mørbø, Middle-Aged Queers, Hammered Hulls, The Groans, and Oginee Viamontes

“Here in Peru, the previous generation, our parents, they didn’t know too much about the word “punk.” They don’t know that that exists.” –Fernando, Mørbø

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Razorcake 134, featuring Ana Armengod, R. Ring, Slaughterhouse, and One Punk’s Guide to Pollinator Conservation

“My art is too punk for the fine arts and too fine art for some of the punks.” –Ana Armengod

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Razorcake 133, featuring Litige, Cromi, Pleasure Venom, Target Video, and One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music, Part II

“It’s like glasses that you put on when you’re a kid and you keep them for your whole life. We know we’re not gonna be rich and famous, but we’re not doing it for that.” –Litige

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Razorcake 132, featuring Ruperto Estanislao, dimber, Hurry Up, Keith Rosson, and One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music

“I may not have all the answers, but if we all work together as a family, the outcome will be better.” –Ruperto Estanislao

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Razorcake 131, featuring Rata Negra, Mac McCaughan of Superchunk/Merge Records, The Runts, Angry Snowmans, Don Lifted

“I don’t believe in borders. It’s ridiculous that you cannot come here to play.” Violeta, Rata Negra

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Razorcake 130, featuring Pódium, Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females), Insect Surfers, and Patrick O’Neil

“Taking away all the unnecessary things. It’s punk, you know.” –Nick, Pódium

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Razorcake 129, featuring Edward Colver, Death Ridge Boys, The Linda Lindas and Jawbreaker interview one another, Up the Blunx!, and One Punk’s Guide to the Culture Industry

“I was there at the birth of hardcore and documented that scene... I was two, three, four feet away from all these people.” –Edward Colver

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