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Razorcake Podcast #836 with Daryl and Noah listening to and discussing The Pretty Flowers' A Company Sleeve

If you’re a fan of the band you will surely enjoy the insight into this fantastic record, if you’ve never heard of them, you’re in store for a treat! Enjoy!

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Interview Podcast with Kris of The Brokedowns, by Daryl

Really happy that I got to spend some time talking to Kris about stuff because The Brokedowns are not a band I can just casually engage with.

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Guy Picciotto Interview Podcast, by Daryl

At the end of it, the connection I felt through the music all these years was only intensified knowing behind its crushing emotional and political presence was a genuine human who, through everything, still very much walks the walk.

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Unscripted Moments Interview Podcast by Kurt Morris

Here is the unedited, uncut version of the interview with Greg Soden and Keith Gough of Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi.

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Interview Podcast with Chris Ballew, by Rick V.

Immerse yourself in the full audio experience that include music from related bands like Chris & Tad, The Presidents of the United States of America, Borsht, and Caspar Babypants.

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Interview Podcast with Rev. Beat-Man, by Daryl

Loud and chaotic and evil as anything else I’ve ever seen.

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Interview Podcast with Janelle Hessig, by Michael T. Fournier

Janelle Hessig is a punk original. I was so happy to have a chance to talk with her.

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Interview Podcast with Max Ward, by Juan Espinosa

...thus solidifying his status as a global thrashcore kingpin.

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Interview Podcast with Candace Hansen, by Daryl

They’re an incredible musician, writer, activist, artist, zine maker, and friend. I’m so lucky to have Candace as a part of my found family, and Los Angeles is so lucky to have such an icon in its midst.

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Addiction, recovery, death, and mourning unite The Vulturas, so they aren’t about to let a pandemic get in the way of becoming one of your favorite bands.

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Interview Podcast with Myriam Gurba, by Chris L. Terry

So, if you beef with Oprah in January, what do you do in February? Well, Gurba—a high school teacher—was placed on administrative leave by the Long Beach Unified School District for, as she Tweeted, “being ‘disruptive.’” That disruption? Speaking out online and helping students organize to fight back against a fellow teacher with a reputation for using violence and hate speech against students.

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Interview with Brontez Purnell, By Johnnie Jungleguts and Daryl

Brontez doesn’t shy from admitting he wants acceptance and love from others in his community. It’s this vulnerability that makes him more believable to me than other queer artists who choose to present as indestructible. Brontez’s creative efforts are most commonly characterized by acceptance and fascination with these sorts of conflicts and contradictions in human interaction: individuality vs. acceptance, sexual freedom vs. emotional heartbreak, bottoming vs. pain.

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