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One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music By Sean Carswell

Music is a continuum. All good music is some combination of embracing and rejecting traditions. I’m using a more expansive genre definition for surf music. I’m including spy, horror, spaghetti western, eleki, Indorock, and a bunch of other subgenres into surf.

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One Punk’s Guide to Digital Sex Work By Lorde Destroyer

My name is Lorde. I’m an online sex worker. Lorde Destroyer is my stage name. Lorde comes from feminist and civil rights activist, Audre Lorde, and a client christened me Lorde Destroyer because I destroy egos, paradigms, and old identities. Psychological devastation—or as some like to call it, mindfuck—is my niche.

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One Punks Guide to Sludge Metal by Angus Wonder Of It All

One of the really lovely things about discovering sludge bands like Crowbar, Neurosis, and Iron Monkey as a teen in the ’90s was they were unhealthy, scruffy, and unglamorous, like myself. These bands’ onstage demeanor also appealed to me.

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One Punk’s Guide to Jazz Saxophonist Aubrey “Brew” Moore by Billups Allen

In the annals of jazz history, Moore's life is rarely described in more than a few sentences, but that’s enough to get across the idea he was never quite in the right place at the right time. He brushed up against greatness often.

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One Punk’s Guide to the Emergency Room By Tim Janchar

Last year while walking my dog, I was hit by a car in a crosswalk. During transport to the hospital, I had the hazy realization that I was going to be a trauma patient at the very same emergency room where I work.

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One Punk’s Guide to Climate Change By Kevin Dunn

In this One Punk’s Guide, I’m going to share some of the most important information I’ve learned over several years of research. But if you want to skip straight to conclusion, here’s the simple takeaway.

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One Punk’s Guide to John Waters by Billups Allen

John Waters is a hero to the punk, unruly, and unclean struggling to remain relevant.

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One Punk’s Guide to Standup Comedy By Tyler Sonnichsen

Anybody who gets into doing standup in the twenty-first century for the purpose (or with the expectation) of making money is a fucking idiot.

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One Punk’s Guide to “The Dark Ages” by Billups Allen

Much like the term “new wave,” serious people will not acknowledge your discussion of “The Dark Ages” without trying to convince you not to use the term. It’s hard to ignore the period of roughly four hundred years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire when very little progress was made in science and literature. People struggled year-round just to feed themselves. If you weren’t royalty or one of the very few who had money, raw survival was your main concern.

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One Punk’s Guide to the Films of Pedro Almodovar by Billups Allen

Almodovar films are an unyielding orgasm of color and anarchy. His movies are simultaneously an exploration and cannibalism of genre. Almodovar stuck with his vision through an obstacle course of financial barriers, making an astoundingly minimal number of compromises. There is not a film he created solely for a paycheck and not a frame of his work that is not worth seeing.

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One Punk’s Guide to a Vegan Diet by Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor is the co-founder and executive director of Razorcake. Over ten years ago, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Instead of taking pills, the self-professed "cheap bastard and hungry person" went on a long health journey and found a way to eat responsibly and cheaply.

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One Punk’s Guide to Crime Novels by Sean Carswell

The punk and the noir I love are working class art movements. They have deep veins of anti-authoritarianism and anti-capitalism. They exist at and for those of us who prefer to live in the margins.

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