Razorcake Podcast #695 with Kurt Morris/ The Music of Tim Kinsella

Tim Kinsella

Delving into the music of Tim Kinsella.

Razorcake Podcast #694 with Jimmy Alvarado

A rabbit

“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.”
–Sergei Rachmaninoff

Razorcake Podcast #693 with Kayla Greet, Salinas Records edition

Empty shelves

Salinas was recommended to me a while back and I’m happy to have finally covered them. Marco and I recently bonded over being educators. He told me that some twenty different people who have releases on Salinas are educators and that is a fact he’s quite proud of.

Razorcake Podcast #692 with Ska Phase

Squirrel on window

Hello gang, the Ska Phase boys can’t look each other in the eye right now so we split this episode up in three different segments. Do we work better while we are in the same room? You decide!

Razorcake Podcast #691 with Johnny and Elwood

Ich Binn Ein Razorcaker

Razorcake Podcast #690 with Kayla Greet

In this batch of songs there’s half of my best of 2019 list, some that didn’t quite make the cut, and stuff that’s soon to be released or just dropped in early 2020.

Razorcake Podcast #689 with Ryan Nichols

Ladywave punk bands

Step aside gentlemen, this is ladywave.

Razorcake Podcast #688 with Adel Souto

Cuban punk boots

For your listening pleasure, I submit to you, dear listener, a handful of tracks from my home country of Cuba.

Razorcake Podcast #687 with Kayla Greet

I’m gonna try not to be a total bummer for this whole thing. So far I’ve been drawing a ton, knitting, watching the new Star Trek series Picard, doing online yoga classes with friends, watching live stream shows, Skyping with friends, reading books, sleeping in, and staying up late. I’m grateful for my health and hope the best for everyone in this situation.

Razorcake Podcast #686 with Bill & Booth

Bill & Booth podcast fun!

Listen in while they discuss the defining moments of our life and times – or – just play punk songs and talk shit in Anthony’s garage. Either way smash the subscribe button on your Zune and don’t forget to donate to Razorcake for making it all possible!