Interview Podcast with Phranc, by Todd Taylor and Alice Bag

Phranc, as a punk, went folk in the early ’80s. Her solo debut, Folksinger was released in 1985, and featured “Take off Your Swastika.” She toured the world both as The Smiths’ and Morrissey’s opening act and recorded five solo full lengths.

Razorcake Podcast #521 with Yvonne Drazan | The Left Side Of Latin – Interview with Nina Diaz

Latin music is not just about salsa and mariachi. There is incredible music created by Latinos in the US as well as all over Latin America and Spain that is “left of center,” that I will introduce you to with each podcast… and I promise to throw in some punk here and there too!

Interview Podcast with Mike Watt, by Todd Taylor and Mike Faloon

Mike Watt was the bassist of the almost immeasurably influential Minutemen, a band he started with his best friend, D. Boon. Watt is widely known as one of the best bassists in punk rock of any era. He is a foundational and continuing pillar in Los Angeles punk rock.

Cynthia Guardado Interview Podcast with Ever Velasquez and Todd Taylor

Cynthia Guardado is a fierce and unapologetically brown Salvadorian American female punk rockera, poeta, activista, y profe straight from Inglewooooood, California.

Interview Podcast with Bad Sports by Todd Taylor and Daryl Gussin

Bad Sports is a fantastic band, worthy of deep and repeated listens. Their latest, Living with Secrets, is one of the best punk records released in the past twelve months.

Interview Podcast with Jaime Hernandez, by Ever Velasquez, Becky Rodriguez, and Todd Taylor

Razorcake interview Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez is more than a mere comic book writer or illustrator. He is part of La Familia Hernandez—Jaime (Xaime), Mario, and Gilbert (Beto)—a group of brothers who created the expansive world of Love and Rockets in 1981. It intertwines three separate narratives, one from each brother, across multiple locations within a creative universe still active today.

Interview Podcast with Bad Cop/Bad Cop by Paul Silver and Todd Taylor

Bad Cop/Bad Cop are about empowering people to be themselves, stick together, and stand up for what’s right. Bad Cop/Bad Cop are all about empowerment of marginalized people.

Interview Podcast with Keith Rosson, by Todd Taylor

Interview Podcast with Keith Rosson

Keith Rosson talks about finding a publisher, exploring the challenges of a novel not fitting into a pre-described genre, of balancing a distrust for cops and getting inside cops’ heads as characters, our flat-out love of and early reliance on public libraries, Judy Blume being a cool writer and person, and how Keith’s legal blindness informs sympathy for his characters.

Razorcake 100th Issue Celebration Reading Podcast

Razorcake 100th issue celebration reading

Readings by Chris Terry, Donna Ramone, Sean Carswell, Jim Ruland, Alma Rosa, Cynthia Guardado, Violeta M. Tablilla-Esquivel, and a performance by PHAG. Photos by Amina Cruz and Jennifer Federico

Interview and Reading Podcast with Kevin Maloney, by Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland, Razorcake contributor and host of Vermin on the Mount, interviews Portland writer Kevin Maloney. They discuss Kevin’s writing process and how he managed to write a novella in under two weeks. After a short conversation, Kevin reads from his work-in-progress, Getting Over Wendy.