Interview with Brontez Purnell, By Johnnie Jungleguts and Daryl


Brontez doesn’t shy from admitting he wants acceptance and love from others in his community. It’s this vulnerability that makes him more believable to me than other queer artists who choose to present as indestructible. Brontez’s creative efforts are most commonly characterized by acceptance and fascination with these sorts of conflicts and contradictions in human interaction: individuality vs. acceptance, sexual freedom vs. emotional heartbreak, bottoming vs. pain.

Justin Maurer (Falling on Deaf Eyes) Interview Podcast, by Martin Wong and Todd Taylor

Justin Maurer and Alice Bag

Underdog cultures overlapping and supporting each other in unexpected and wonderful ways.

Gross Polluter interview by Todd Taylor and Sean Carswell

Gross Polluter, OC Punk

In this interview we talk to Gross Polluter, who used to be Smogtown. They answer a bunch of questions, such as: What happens when you look in a mirror and it no longer shows a drug-accelerated, youthful punk kid hell-bent on destroying suburbia? and What happens when you live in a neighborhood that’s so apolitical, when they talk of presidents, they’re talking of CEOs?

Keith Morris Podcast Interview with Jim Ruland and Todd Taylor

Keith Morris of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and Off!

Images of the Masque, Black Flag, Chinatown, the Circle Jerks, the Olympic Auditorium, and The Decline of the Western Civilization spring to mind when I think of the crucial moments in the early L.A punk and hardcore scene. The one person who links these diverse and disparate scenes is vocalist Keith Morris. You can’t tell the complete story of L.A. punk without him.

Interview Podcast with Sweet Knives by Todd Taylor

Podcast Interview with Sweet Knives by Todd Taylor photo by Mark Murrman

Sweet Knives began as a Lost Sounds reboot, playing Alicja’s songs. When Alicja, Rich, and John Garland got back together, they quickly realized that they didn’t want to be restricted to solely being a cover band of their old band. They still play with the arcing, tense, dirty-crackle lightning of Lost Sounds, but are also writing new songs that reflect where they are now.

Interview Podcast with Cristy C. Road, By Ever Velasquez and Todd Taylor

Pull up a seat and let’s get into the world of Cristy Road. There will be plenty of surprises, shared memories, remembrances of Lookout! Records, and insights into how she’s able to make it all happen and make it look easy.

Interview Podcast with Chip Kinman, by Martin Wong, Todd Taylor, and Lisa Reed Kinman

I first saw Chip Kinman sing and play guitar when I was a student at UCLA in the mid-‘80s. I was a big fan of Rank And File, the genre-defining cowpunk band formed by him and his brother Tony (the bass player with the booming baritone), before I knew about The Dils, the first-generation and hyper-political punk band they also co-founded. I was excited to check out their noisy industrial duo, Blackbird. They were great.

Interview Podcast with Chris L. Terry, by Todd Taylor and Rene Navarro

Chris L. Terry’s Black Card is a novel about race in America that’s serious and unflinching while remaining tender and funny. It’s a novel about compassion and anger, hip hop and punk, cops and young black men. At its core, Black Card is a book driven by the search for identity.

Amyl And The Sniffers Interview Podcast by Todd Taylor

Amyl And The Sniffers—live or on record—are like getting struck by lightning. You may not know what just happened, you may lose a shoe from the impact, but you won’t soon forget them. Turning gutters into butter and lightning into electrifying music, they’re folks you can trust.

La Tuya Podcast Interview by Todd Taylor

When I listen to La Tuya, I hear the grand tradition of East L.A. backyards. I can almost see the dust rise up from the pit as they blast from my speakers. The band is smart, funny, and pissed. Their songs oscillate easily between both Marxes—Karl and Groucho.