Featured movie reviews Razorcake 115: Anti-Nowhere League: We Are the League and Rudeboy

It eventually dawned on me that Anti-Nowhere League was a stubbornly out-of-lockstep representation of heterodox punk. I liked that. They were kindred oddballs, a subset of super-weirdos

I would recommend, before sitting down to watch this DVD, perhaps cleaning the wax deposits out of your ears as the British accents presented are brogue-ishly thick and laced with sometimes inscrutable slang; not to the point of listening to a Wattie interview where you actually need subtitles, but attentive listening is probably required.

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Smut

Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Smut. Punk rocker bleeding.

When you take a gritty, punk band named Smut, ya throw them in the heart of South Central at a DIY venue called, “Tromaville,” shit bound to pop off.

Razorcake Podcast #688 with Adel Souto

Cuban punk boots

For your listening pleasure, I submit to you, dear listener, a handful of tracks from my home country of Cuba.

Razorcake #80 from 2014 with Mind Spiders, Stalins Of Sound, The Klitz, One Punk’s Guide to Poetry, and Ottawa Explosion Weekend

Razorcake 80 cover

From the recording process, to the specific German influences, Mark Ryan reveals the layers of sonic scum on the inside of his bubble. There is war going on between the humans and the mind spiders and, “Basically, in the end, the mind spiders are going to win.”

Webcomic Wednesdays #429 by Spike – “Powerviolence Fan”

Comic of two people talking about powerviolence music.

Click read more for full size.

Dispatch from a Spanish Lock-Down Episode 12 by John Miskelly

Poster: The beginning of the end of the confinement let's do it with discipline.

Razorcake contributor John Miskelly is in Spain, which is under martial law in an effort to slow the curve of Covid 19 infections. This is his twelfth dispatch, Day 53 of the lockdown. De-escalation; international comparisons.

Yr Not Alone: Live readings from Razorcake contributors

This Sunday, May 17, at 5pm PST/8pm EST Razorcake presents: Yr Not Alone, live transmissions from the internet!

Confronting Abuse: Reaching the Fifth Stage of Grief by Will Kenneth

But I know i'll have to content with more balloons in my future illustration by Jay Insult

Will finds himself ready to reconnect with his abusive father. He shares some tips on how to re-engage and manage relationships with narcissists if you’re unable to avoid them.

Top 5s Razorcake 115: Partial Traces, Subhumans, Midnite Snaxxx, Notches, Chubby & The Gang, Xetas, Eerie Family

Partial Traces are a really good band. You should listen to them. Illustration by Rick V.

Featured Book Reviews Razorcake 115: Colorado Crew: Denvoid Pt. 2, Shining Man, Music Is Power, Four-Year Depression, An Encyclopedia of Political Record Labels, The Death of You, Texas Is the Reason

Colorado Crew: Denvoid Pt. 2 By Bob Rob Medina and Sonny Kay. Illustration by Jessee Zeroxed

The accounts in the interviews frequently overlap and sometimes hilariously contradict each other (I mean, we are talking about punks here).