Deb Frazin Photo Column—Red Aunts

This photo of The Red Aunts was shot in 2018 at The Echo in Los Angeles. No one knew it then, but it would be the last time we would ever see the Red Aunts.

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Anthony Mehlhaff Photo Column—Skullcrack

Over the years I’ve become friends with the men of the fastcore wrecking crew known as Skullcrack and have even symbolically adopted them as my boys. They’ve played multiple shows I’ve put together and out of any other band there, Skullcrack is a band that always delivers. Whether it’s Rambo blade, confetti and bouncy balls, or Nate, the bass player’s love for playing atop the venue’s bar, this band is never stale.

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Deb Frazin Photo Column—Thurston Moore

This week I’m thinking back to an exceptional Thurston Moore Group show I caught at Zebulon in 2018. It was the first time I’d seen Thurston play since 1998.

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Deb Frazin Photo Column—Shark Toys

Have you heard the big news yet? Danny from Shark Toys has just opened his new record store on York in Highland Park! It’s called Arroyo Records (at the old Permanent Records location).

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Daisy Noemi Photo Column—Dustin Wong/Brin

Dustin Wong/Brin lull the crowd with their dreamy experimental sound explorations during The Smell’s 22nd Anniversary party back in December.

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