Top 5s

Top 5s from Issue #88
Featuring Radioactivity, Hex Dispensers, Nervosas, Tenement,
Generacion Suicida, Royal Headache, and many more.

Top 5s from Issue #87: Looking for something new? Start here.


Watching tourists get attacked by seagulls (who are obviously super punk)
at Fisherman’s Wharf.


Top 5s From Issue #86: Lemmy: 49 Percent Motherfucker, 51 Percent Son of a Bitch

Featuring Beach Slang, Red Dons, Sheer Mag, Descendents, Gay Kiss, DiE and more.

Top 5s From Issue #85: Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis (Answer: yes)

(gliched cover by candice)

Enjoy Issue #85's Top 5s with a side of audio enhancement.
Find something new to dig yer teeth into.

Top 5s from Issue #84: Top 5 Worst Songs to Hear on the Lite FM Station at Your Office Job


(glitched cover by Candice)


One thing the web allows is to do is ADD VIDEOS. 
Issue 84's Top 5s are now visually and aurally enhanced, because we love you.


Top 5s from Issue #83: It’s Fall and I Want to...DIY Everything!

(glitch art by candice)

Read through our staff and friend list of Top 5s. Replay nailed his!

• Tim Version, Ordinary Life LP
• Big Business, Here Come the Waterworks LP
• Black Rainbow, Self-titled LP
• Any Trouble, Self-titled LP
• The wasted morning DJ on 104.9 FM in Gainesville

Top 5s from Issue #82: All My Friends are Going Death

(glitch art by candice/infinity-machine)

Top 5s from Issue #81: Top 5 Songs to Sing to a Pug While Replacing the World 'Love' with 'Pug'

(glitched cover by candice)

Top 5s from Issue #80: Crowning jewel of doing the funny

Top 5s from Issue #79: Top Five Songs I Want Played at My Funeral

(glitched cover by candice)

The money I got for it at the pawn shop kept me in dope and hostess cupcakes for months. –Dee Dee Ramone

Top 5s from Issue #78: Top 5 Songs for Burying a Drifter in Your Backyard

Top 5 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Injuries of 2013: Fake front tooth broken twice.

Top 5s from Issue #77: one of the best replies to any butthole who says, “Man, punk is dead.”

German punks always make you feel like you’ve known them for twenty years, when it’s really just been twenty beers.