7 SECONDS: Scream Real Loud: CD

Kevin Seconds and crew are presented here, recorded live at the Troubador in Los Angeles earlier in the year. The sound quality is great, the performance itself is top-notch and most of the biggie "hits" are here as well (What? No "I Hate Sports?!?"). Best of all, the songs from "The Crew" album don’t sound like they were recorded at the bottom of

6X: Tunder Bomb: CD

Bubble-gummy punk, sorta like a Muffs light with maybe a dash of early Elvis Costello. My initial reaction was to hate it, but I was quickly won over. Hey, the songs are catchy as hell.

 –jimmy (Daemon, PO Box 1207, Decatur, GA 30031)

Samiam, Thrice, Crashcart: Live at the Troubadour - 1/24/01 By Gizz

Sergie really held his own, making up for James's absence like a pro. Also, with Jason Beebout's mesmerizing voice, after the first few songs, you could hear James' spirit coming through Sergie's playing.

Causey Way, The: at Spaceland By Sean Carswell

Amidst the candles, the religious kitsch, the glowing CIA sign (Causey Is Awesome, Causey Is an Asshole, Causey Is Anarchy), the all white uniforms, the go-go boy, and the intermittent Causey sermons, the band never forgot to fuse their bizarre duel keyboard-fueled, new-wave inspired rock'n'roll.

Dictators, The with The Bellrays at Spaceland: Dude, I think it was sometime in Sept. 2000 By Nam

The next day as I unclothed myself to take a well earned-shower, I saw the black and blue Dalmatian prints of bruises littering my body. All I could do was smile knowing that each bruise counted as each song in the long repertoire of the last great American band to survive the punk rock heydays of CBGB's.

Apocalypse Hoboken: If It Was Easy, It Would Be Kind of Pointless By Todd Taylor

Q: If you could blow something up, like with a bike pump, so it was huge, what would it be and why would you do it?
A: It would probably be my ball sack. Then it would look proportionate to my cock.