Punk and to the left: An interview with filmmaking team Jason Willis and Mike Plante by Billups Allen

Come for the rock, stay for the social commentary.

Worlds Apart, Worlds Together: Talking DIY Photography with Karoline Collins By Daniel Makagon

Karoline Collins discusses documenting punk rock scenes at home and on the road, and the process of making street photographs that catalogue the strange products of urban life.

Carlos Álvarez Montero’s Documentary Portraits of Mexico at Home and Abroad by Daniel Makagon

Carlos Álvarez Montero is not only a photographer who creates powerful documentary portraits, but he has been a consistent advocate for other Mexican photographers.

Feeling Music through Senny Mau’s Photographs by Daniel Makagon

Photography has not only been a tool for Senny Mau to document a variety of punk rock and indie rock bands but also an avenue to build community. Senny curates shows, works on community photography projects, and has been a key contact for other music photographers who want to bring their work to San Francisco.

FC United of Manchester Interview by John Miskelly

Sport, not least of all football, has become associated almost exclusively with vulgar financial elitism. Integrity, local representation, and identity are marginalized in favor of the billionaire-driven pursuit of profit. But, much like music, alternatives continue to exist under the mainstream radar, not least FC United of Manchester, a break-away club with a focus on enfranchising fans and a staunch opposition to the corporatisation of everything.

Revisiting the Pit: Talking about Murray Bowles’ Photozine with David Ensminger by Daniel Makagon

David Ensminger has a rich history with punk: He plays in bands, makes photographs, helps document flyer culture and historical releases, and he has published multiple books and articles about the music and culture.

Bringing Walls To The Front: A conversation with Courtney Coles and Erica Lauren Perez by Daniel Makagon

Erica Lauren Perez and Courtney Coles started To The Front to provide opportunities that tend to be common for cis men, but often less available for photographers from other identity groups. The collective seeks to link the politics of display to community activism.

Crazy Arm interview by John Miskelly

English folk punks Crazy Arm have released their first album in seven years, another raging slice of eclectic, heartfelt technical punk. Frontman, guitarist, and vocalist Darren Johns talks about what’s changed and what’s stayed the same, his past animal rights activism, mental health, and why they have a song named after an old English galleon

Dave Williams interview by Kurt Morris

Dave Williams has been involved for more than two decades with the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada punk scene. Most notably of Crusades, he has also played in Black Tower, Steve Adamyk Band, Surrender, Sedatives, and Year Zero. Crusades put out three full-length albums and achieved a fair bit of notoriety for their tag as “satanic punk.”

Wild in the Streets: Talking Punk and Street Photography with Mark Murrmann by Daniel Makagon

Mark Murrmann discovered punk as a young kid. The implicit and explicit “you make this culture” messages that are central to punk’s DIY ethos inspired him in many ways. But one of Mark’s recurring contributions to punk culture and community has come via photography.

Shapel Lacey interview by Alxis Ratkevich

Shapel Lacey's a skater, a punk, a comedian, and a former competitive cheerleader. These contrasting layers to his personality come through on stage: unabashedly frank yet cheerful, silly yet thoughtful and nuanced, resilient yet vulnerable.

The Tones of Punk’s Energy: Jim Saah’s Zone V by Daniel Makagon

Jim Saah created one of the first photozines with Zone V in 1982. He was interested in documenting the bourgeoning hardcore scene in Washington, D.C. through his photography and zines and then sharing information about this scene with punks around the globe.


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