The Unseen: Part Herbert Marcuse Tract, Part Guerilla Punk Primer By Jim

If you hang out with us we're not going to be sitting around talking about how much the police state sucks or welfare rates are down or up all day. So at the end why not have a joke of a song? Sadly enough those are the songs everyone wants to hear. "Beat it!" "Every Rose!" And we're like, "Dude, no! It's a joke!"

The X-Rated Bible: An Interview with Ben Akerley By Sean Carswell

...if people realized that this mythical collection is just that: it's mythical. It should not be taken seriously or at face value. It's a compilation of works by men who were very, very human and very subject to error like all humanity. They would never look at it again as if it were The Holy Bible...

Avail: They've Got a Cheerleader with Poor Dental Hygiene By Todd Taylor

"Our intent has been just to be expressive and we've never had a goal of changing something. That shit just comes out, those words and the music, and there's no fucking goal. That's what I think makes it work." -Tim, Avail

Bloodhag: Librarians at the Gate By Todd Taylor

I believe that reading is truly punk rock... . Because it's punk to teach yourself. It's not punk to go to school? it's punk to learn and it's punk to know and be wiser than those who are supposedly in control. -Jeff 'Hag

Big In Japan: Skinny Tie Dynamite By Todd Taylor

It is most definitely not rocket science but not just anyone can do it.

Dolliscious: Bristling, Jagged Songs with a Hard Candy Coating By Graham Russell

“Christ, the first time they got me in a pair of them I fucking hated it! I felt like a right nancy. Fantastic clothing, but I just couldn't walk in them for the first year.” –Johnny Kaiser

Atom and His Package: With Only His Synthesizer and Wit to Proctect Him... By Todd Taylor

"No. I don't litter. That's why people don't think I'm punk." -Atom

The Thumbs: Defective Rats, Millionaires Pissing in Sinks, and Relative Obscurity By Todd Taylor

"It's like you wanna not be obvious but you want people to know what the fuck you're talking about and that's the balance." -Mike Thumb

The Irving Klaws: A Pervasonically Hedonistic Hoe-Down of a Discussion... By Roger Moser Jr.

"I'd have to say Tempest Storm as my personal favorite. Especially in the great '60s slasher flick "Mondo Deprevados," where her hair battles it out with her bustline and her acting abilities! Don't get me wrong, she was gorgeous in the '50s; it's just that I prefer the vertical hair better." -Wheeze Klaws

Soulbossa: Brutally Sexy Racket By Graham Russell

That's why I'm so narked - half the time: playing in some pissy cellar to a load of twats. -Peter

The Blue Flames: A Sonically Smokin' Sit Down with the Blue Flames By Roger Moser Jr.

We live in the most incredible place for sideways influences, like "cow" and "punk." Was that ever supposed to go together? -Kayce

Apocalypse Hoboken: If It Was Easy, It Would Be Kind of Pointless By Todd Taylor

Q: If you could blow something up, like with a bike pump, so it was huge, what would it be and why would you do it?
A: It would probably be my ball sack. Then it would look proportionate to my cock.

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