Finding Beauty in the Chaos of Vicious Velma’s Photographs by Daniel Makagon

Vicious Velma is engaged by punk’s chaos and strives to translate the energy experienced at a punk show into her photography.

Interview with Marc Ruvolo by David Ensminger

“I subsisted on a steady diet of science fiction, fantasy books, and comics. It’s just another way to explore the world, to read about places and things you never knew and might never see. And it gives me great subjects for poems—cargo cults, tulpas, rockabilly sorcerers.” –Marc Ruvolo

Documenting the Strange and Familiar: Talking about Hamburger Eyes with Ray Potes by Daniel Makagon

Ray Potes created Hamburger Eyes twenty-one years ago. The zine has become one of the most important DIY photozines, serving as an important outlet for documentary photography.

Interview with Chris Ballew by Rick V.

Chris was the singer/bass player of Presidents Of The United States Of America. He spent ten years playing under the name Caspar Babypants, performing rambunctious shows for zero- to five-year-olds, then he started doing some ambient pop music under his own name.

A Punk Life in Stages: How Rob Coons Jumped into Punk Photography by Daniel Makagon

Rob Coons discusses the thrill of photographing the chaotic energy that is central to the show-going experience.

Deb Frazin Photo Column—Divine Horsemen

This photo of the Divine Horsemen was snapped at their reunion show in L.A. last week. It was the first time the band had played together in thirty-four years! It was an incredible show!

Demonios Interview, by Video Protozoa

Demonios are a four piece band from Los Angeles with the right dosage of raw and primitive elements.

Surprise and Unpredictability in Reuben Radding’s Street Photography by Daniel Makagon

Reuben Radding is on a quest to use photography as a means to re-imagine his experience of space and time.

So Fun: Duwan Dunn and Greg Kessler Shape and Share the Early St. Louis Punk Scene by Daniel Makagon

Duwan Dunn documented the early punk scene in St. Louis through her photography and Greg Kessler has created an archive to share that history and more with punks around the globe. Together they narrate how a small scene began and thrived.

Photographing the Spark: A Conversation with Alec MacKaye and Lely Constantinople about Hard Art DC 1979 by Daniel Makagon

Hard Art DC 1979 documents the early Washington, D.C. punk scene. Alec MacKaye and Lely Constantinople discuss that scene and how this book came together.

Dan Ozzi interview by John Miskelly

Selling out. Uh-oh. That old chestnut. A potentially tedious debate involving much punk posturing and raised voices. It takes a brave person to research and write a whole book about it. Dan Ozzi is that person. Sellout: The Major Label Feeding Frenzy That Swept Punk, Emo, and Hardcore (1994 – 2007) is that book, an […]

Remembering the Past and Seeing the Present with Dave Brushback by Daniel Makagon

Dave Brushback has experienced more than four decades of punk and has helped shape how punks see and feel the changes to the music and culture through his zines and photography.


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