Matt Riggle interview by Rick V.

Matt discusses Ed Banky’s Car getting their twenty-seven-year-old LP released and celebrating the legacy of Bobby Riggle.

A Colorful Love Letter: Brooke Smith’s Visual History of New York’s mid-1980s Hardcore Scene by Daniel Makagon

Brooke Smith’s Sunday Matinee documents the mid-1980s New York City hardcore, capturing the bonds among punks and the energy of shows.

Trading the Staple Gun for the Camera: Talking DIY Punk, Photowalks, and Zinemaking with Jay Unidos by Daniel Makagon

Jay Unidos has been an active participant in the Bay Area punk scene for decades and his Urban Guerrilla Zine brings a DIY punk approach to street photography.

Designing a New Way of Seeing: A Conversation with Russ Bestley about Graphic Design in U.K. Punk by Daniel Makagon

Russ Bestley talks about the intersection of graphic design and photography in U.K. punk’s early years.

Michael Mygind’s Crucial Photography by Daniel Makagon

Michael Mygind is all in when it comes to doing DIY and that ethic extends outward to considering punk as a resource to help those in need.

The Unspoken Collaboration in Myron Fung’s Photographs by Daniel Makagon

Myron Fung has become a fixture in the San Jose scene, documenting different types of DIY music through his photography.

Interview with Tony Barber by David Ensminger 

“Crass came along and you knew, this is better than all of it because they’re saying something, they’re doing it in a kind of avant-garde way. It’s so far off the fucking radar of what normal rock music is, that it was like, you have to like this band. It was almost like you had no choice.”

Interview with Don Zientara of Inner Ear Recording Studio by Alex Vidales

A list of the albums Don worked on in some capacity, is too long a list. Here are some bands you might have heard of that Don worked with very early in their artistic journeys and beyond in other projects: Bad Brains, Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Bikini Kill, Scream, and Rites Of Spring.

A Matter of Spirit and Conscience: An Interview with Thomas Barnett of Strike Anywhere by David Ensminger

In our third-generation community, it went from extremely localized, where we didn’t know any bands from Washington D.C., or even cared, to this really welcoming, and despite ourselves, passionate desire to communicate and to exchange influences.

Interview with Greg Soden and Keith Gough of Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi by Kurt Morris

I don’t recall how I found Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi, which explores a song by the Winnipeg-based punk band in each episode. But, when I did, they were already about sixty-five episodes in. And while I haven’t yet listened to all the episodes, I got through enough to know I wanted to talk to the hosts, Keith Gough and Greg Soden.

Finding Beauty in the Chaos of Vicious Velma’s Photographs by Daniel Makagon

Vicious Velma is engaged by punk’s chaos and strives to translate the energy experienced at a punk show into her photography.

Interview with Marc Ruvolo by David Ensminger

“I subsisted on a steady diet of science fiction, fantasy books, and comics. It’s just another way to explore the world, to read about places and things you never knew and might never see. And it gives me great subjects for poems—cargo cults, tulpas, rockabilly sorcerers.” –Marc Ruvolo

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