Razorcake 128, featuring James Spooner, Robert Lopez (El Vez, The Zeros), Sasha LaPointe, Body Farm, and Cancer Christ

“I’m constantly looking at shows and I’m like, “Damn, remember when this was some white people shit?!” It’s so Brown, it’s so Black. It’s amazing.” –James Spooner

Razorcake 127, featuring Taqbir, Piñata Protest, The Rebel Riot, Jeff Rosenstock, The Sidewalk Project

Just because you mostly see white people singing and playing in bands doesn’t mean you can’t do it.” –Singer, Taqbir

Let's Find a Band from #126

Embark on a journey of musical -- and maybe even personal -- discovery with this labyrinth of options. The results may surprise you, but there's only one way to find out.

Razorcake 126, featuring Wacko, Alison Braun, Vaneza Calderón, and One Punk’s Guide to the ER

“Our shit is a good mixture of real greasy and wholesome” –Zaine, Wacko

Razorcake 125, featuring Black Dots, Sweeping Promises, Lou Barlow, and One Punk’s Guide to Digital Sex Work

“Take a minute to understand the person you’re fighting against. There’s a lot of knowledge in empathy.” –John, from Black Dots Interview