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One Punk’s Guide to Starting Your Own DIY Record Label by Kevin Dunn

Most DIY punk labels lose money regularly. There is a simple reason for that: their business model is not one defined by profit-maximization. In the simplest terms, they are intentionally bad capitalists.

One Punk’s Guide to Professional Soccer, Book Publishing, and Corporate Ideology By Sean Carswell

Every thinking person develops a process for deeply questioning the ideas that culture assumes as a given and actions resulting from these ideas.

One Punk’s Guide to Christian Punk By Kurt Morris

I can almost guarantee your first thought when you saw the title to this piece was, “Christian punk? What in the world is an article about Christian punk doing in Razorcake?” Well, it’s likely you’ve come across a punk or two (especially if you live in an area with a predominantly Christian population) who describes themselves as a Christian punk...

Teenage Alcoholics: Punk Rock in East Los Angeles by Jimmy Alvarado updated and revised 2017

I feel it’s important to stress that this was intended to be a primer on East L.A. punk and not a definitive history.

One Punk’s Guide to Bike Touring by John Miskelly

What the private jet is to vulgar rock superstardom the bike is to punk, but in reverse. Eat, hydrate, ride, repeat.

Puro Pinche Poetry—Gritos del Barrio, edited by Ever Velasquez and Nicole Macias

Puro Pinche Poetry—Gritos del Barrio was created by two long-time Razorcake contributors Ever Velasquez and Nicole Macias and is a platform to celebrate, elevate, and feature local Los Angeles-based, gender-nonconforming individuals, femmes of color writers, and poets.

The Body Eclectic: Sara Hendren Rethinks Devices for the Disabled, And I Contemplate My Cyborg Boobs by Cheryl Klein

My independence is a shattered myth. But so is yours.

One Punk’s Guide to Rap Music by Chris L. Terry

Generally, rap is the music while hip hop is the culture that surrounds it. These days, rap is the dominant form of music in the United States.

We Were There: Voices from L.A. Punk's First Wave - An Oral History hosted by Alice Bag

“It wasn’t just about music or clothes. It was about not blindly accepting society’s norms. We challenged the status quo with everything at our disposal—race, class, gender—but we did it by just being ourselves.” –Alice Bag

Glenn n’ Meadows a short story by John Miskelly

Glenn n’ Meadows - The reassuringly expensive food store chain.

One Punk’s Guide to Bizarro Fiction by MP Johnson

Bizarro Central, the online home of the genre, describes bizarro fiction as the cult section of the literary world… What ties the genre together is a commitment to doing weird, surprising shit. Elements of horror and science fiction are common. Grossness is not unusual. Humor is almost always present. However, no two bizarro books are the same.

One Punk’s Guide to African Politics by Kevin Dunn

Understanding today’s Africa requires a degree of historical awareness, especially of life before European conquest, the impact of colonization, and some of the major developments after independence. It is impossible to convey the diversity and complexity of African societies before European colonization in the nineteenth century.


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