Chris Chappell Photo Column—The Taxpayers

I can’t tell you if The Taxpayers or the audience were having a better time, but what I can tell you is that everyone in the room was happy that this singular DIY punk band is playing shows again.

Gilbert Cisneros Photo Column—Baby Ghosts

Baby Ghosts playing to a full house at the Boing! House in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Destroy All Neighbors (2024) review by Rick V.

A gory story about procrastination, motivation and several mutilated reanimated corpses.

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—Measurement

Measurement is a post-punk four piece from Savannah, Ga. with a strong ’90s vibe. Jenn Carroll’s ethereal vocals punctuated by throaty resonance sit atop creeping, heavy guitar riffs and loaded, strong drums.

Agid Antaris Photo Column—Sosial Ilegal

Sosial Ilegal play d-beat crust with a slight black metal feel that I really like. They play music with a Scandinavian character. I suggest you listen to them on Bandcamp.

Please Please Please Let Me Give You What You Want by Jamie L. Rotante

Struggling with the unfortunate reality and constant reminders that I, despite my best interests, am a people pleaser.

Chris Chappell Photo Column—Jawbreaker  

Jawbreaker were the legendary godfathers of emo and melodic punk that famously broke up in turmoil and were destined to never ever reunite despite years of rumors. That is, until they did reunite.

Giving the Finger to Technology Companies by Yann Bourdeau

Have you ever wondered how Google can make all these software products and still give them away for free? In this case, the software isn’t the product. You are.

Rob Coons Photo Column—Gouge Away

: I finally got to see Gouge Away from Florida! They came all the way out to Los Angeles to play the sold out Ceremony gig at the Hollywood Palladium.

Gilbert Cisneros Photo Column—Nadezhda

Nadezhda played their EP Release show for their debut EP Battery at The Beehive in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Razorcake 138, featuring Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Al Barile (SSD), Tomar Control, Liz Mason, Chris Rowley (Huggy Bear, Adulkt Life)

“If you don’t pay your bands, you’re screwed.” –Mike Park, Asian Man Records

Chris Boarts Larson Photo Column—Final Gasp

Final Gasp had such a huge presence on the stage with hair, feet, and instruments flying and swirling in constant movement. Their powerful and explosive death rock is in the vein of crossing Killing Joke with Danzig. I was all in with this band and thoroughly enjoyed them!


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