Back Issue PDFs

Razorcake Issue #03 from 2001: Duane Peters, The Weird Lovemakers, Tadpole, The Dagons, filmmaker Ben Wolfinsohn, Jimmy Alvarado's article on A History of East LA Punk, Thor

Looking back how Duane deep-ended, we should have put the Weird Lovemakers on the cover. Their records are so fucking good. Plus, the invaluable article by Jimmy Alvarado, "A History of East LA Punk."

Razorcake Issue #02 from 2001 featuring The Crowd, Scared of Chaka, The Forgotten, Flogging Molly, Hostage Records, Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Primal Scream

The heroes of the Beach Blvd. comp. As a public service announcement, Jim Kaa of the Crowd's name is pronounced "Kay," not like the last part of "Ka-caw! Ka-caw!"

Razorcake Issue #01 from 2001, Featuring Fat Mike and Erin, The Causey Way, The Gossip, Selby Tigers, Smogtown, and Youth Brigade

Astute readers will recognize that both Fat Mike and Erin are on the cover, not just Mike. Erin's the recognized brains of the operation.

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