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Razorcake Issue #29 from 2005, Featuring Alicja Trout, The Gun Club oral history, Paint It Black, David Cross, The Checkers, So Unloved

The mastermind behind pretty much half of the records to come out of Memphis in the past few years.

Razorcake Issue #28 from 2005, Featuring Against Me!, Zero Boys, This Moment In Black History, The Downbeat 5, Emmett Till

Yeah, we've never heard of these guys either, but we're hoping you'll want to check them out anyway.

Razorcake Issue #27 from 2005, Featuring The Observers, This Bike Is A Pipebomb, Bloodbath And Beyond, Paul Roessler, The Routineers, All-Girl Bands on the Big Screen, and Fat Mike

What happens when four jerks get interviewed by a jerk? Read this and find out!

Razorcake Issue #26 from 2005, Featuring This Is My Fist, Fucked Up, Chinese Telephones, Billy Zoom, Kira Roessler

TIMF is intelligent but not overbearing, as evidenced by the fact that they talk about labor movements and bowel movements in this interview.

Razorcake Issue #25 from 2005, Featuring Hot Snakes, Giant Haystacks, Federation-X, North Lincoln, DIY Boston Rock, Vinyl Audities, and Timothy Leary

You know that creeping feeling you get when you put on a great record that's simultaneously supremely weird and instantly catchy? Yeah, that's Hot Snakes for you in a nutshell.

Razorcake Issue #24 from 2005, Featuring Smalltown, Alice Bag, Ultraman, Baseball Furies, Von Iva, Punk in Movies, Scissor Sisters

What you're left with is the pure excitement of rediscovering how good punk rock can be. -Smalltown

Razorcake Issue #23 from 2004, Featuring The Ergs!, Ken Dirtnap, Balzac, Modern Machines, Wednesday Night Heroes, Loud Pipes, Nirvana

Nerdy pop punk from the polluted chemical lakes of New Jersey. Interview by Megan Pants.

Razorcake Issue #22, Featuring the Marked Men, Geisha Girls, Midnight Evils, Mea Culpa, TV Carnage, Franz Ferdinand

One of the first full-length interviews with the Marked Men, ever!

Razorcake Issue #21, Featuring The Riverboat Gamblers, The Clorox Girls, The Ends, Career Suicide, Spontaneous Disgust, and Indie Books, Ice Cube

The bass player lost his teeth at a show in San Francisco. The singer got kicked out of a karaoke bar for breaking a table during "Can I Get a What What" by Jay-Z.

Razorcake Issue #20 from 2004, featuring: Randy, The Fuck Yeahs, The Shemps, Hasil Adkins (Pt. 2), and Arizona Rollerderby

Mighty ruckus to an audience of zero.

Razorcake Issue #19 from 2004, featuring: Rivethead, The Tyrades, Hasil Adkins, Texas Mafia, J Church, George Seldes, Pennywise

Belt fights, psychological terrorism against emo bands, beer-drinking goats owned by Spider Man, and more.

Razorcake Issue #18 from 2004, featuring Sweet JAP, The Bar Feeders, No Idea Records, Fly, Nicole Panter, The Weirdos, Bev Davies

Ultraman, Godzilla, poorly dubbed kung fu movies, and blazing garage punk.


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