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Razorcake Issue #41 from 2007, Featuring Future Virgins, Gang Green, Electric Kisses, Arena Rock Vs. Prog Rock, How To Fight For A Skatepark, AFI

Dudes that travel from far (well, at least one of them does) to create some of the best DIY punk out of the country, let alone the dirty south... No, no, no. Not Christian Parenting. Christian Parenti.

Razorcake Issue #40 from 2007, Featuring Dan Padilla, DOA, The Manges, Black Time, Love Me Nots, Live Slow, Die Old, Lilly Allen

Highlights include Jennifer Whiteford looking into the connection between punk rock, and good exercise, talking to members of Paint It Black, The Unlovables, and The Smugglers.

Razorcake Issue #39 from 2007, Featuring The Measure [SA], The Copyrights, The Penetrators, Circle One, I Object, Chris Walter, Geddy Lee

There’s also an interview with Geddy Lee of Rush. We weren’t about to list it on the cover. Go, Nardwuar!

Razorcake Issue #38 from 2007, Featuring Radon, Circle One, X-Mist Records, Women in Punk, Bev Davies, and Vietnam: Then and Now, Bev Davies

One of the most elusive, yet influential, yet best bands ever (maybe they’d do more if they weren’t so busy hanging out with Pac Man all the time).

Razorcake Issue #37 from 2007, Featuring The Brat, Abi Yoyos, The Vicious, Young People With Faces, The Trashies, Stressface, Joan Jett

36,326 words of record reviews, 2,988 words of zine reviews, 3,140 words of book reviews, 0 words of DVD reviews (DVDs got shafted this time), and we still get complaints that we haven’t covered your band.

Razorcake Issue #36 from 2007 Featuring Off With Their Heads, Street Dogs, Diane Gamboa, Pointed Sticks, Entropy, Touring Comfortably, Feist

The most miserable things in the world never sounded so awesome.

Razorcake Issue #35 from 2006 Featuring Bloodhag, Billy Childish, The Loved Ones, In The Red Records, The Feelers, Whiskey and Co., Randy Bachman

We misspelled the cover band. Yup. Forgot the "D" in the most literate band we've ever interviewed. Go Bloohag!

Razorcake Issue #34 from 2006, Featuring Swing Ding Amigos: Signal Lost, Japanther, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Last, Direct Control

Megan goes all Barbara Walters on us, with tons of serious questions covering topics ranging from border relations to vaginas.

Razorcake Issue #33 from 2006, Featuring Gorilla Angreb, Greg Palast, The Mormons, Dan Sartain, Pink Razors, Bad Dudes, Chaos in Tejas, Tim Version and Dukes Of Hillsborough Tour Diary, Pamela Des Barres

Punk rock: evaporating oasis or eternal spring?

Razorcake Issue #32 from 2006, Featuring The Bananas, Pine Hill Haints, The Dents, Porch Mob, Punk Historian George Hurchalla, Punk Photographer Dawn Wirth, and Juliette Lewis and the Licks

One of the best bands in the top five percent of the genre known as awesome.

Razorcake Issue #31 from 2006, Featuring Regulations, Dead Moon, Can Kickers, Hellbillys, Guilty Hearts, Punk Rock Bowling, Alice Cooper

One of the best bands from Sweden in modern times. In fact, they're so good, they're also one of the best hardcore bands from the early '80s!

Razorcake Issue #30 from 2006, Featuring Bent Outta Shape: The Reatards, The Unlovables, Last Target, Banditas, The Urchin, The Fest

The cutest lil' dirty boys you ever saw! They toured in a watermelon and one time Josh stole beer from the Briefs for them. Oh, and they rule.


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