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Razorcake #53 from 2009, featuring RVIVR, NoBunny, Good Luck, Artcore Fanzine, The Lumberjack Mordam Music Group Debacle part I, Nas

“Everyday accountability is so fucking important: holding people and ourselves to incredibly high standards.” –RVIVR

Razorcake #52 from 2009, featuring The Brokedowns, Tiltwheel, Part III, 16, The Coathangers, Fallujah 71, Kathy Griffin, and Lily Tomlin

Yes, Lily Tomlin.

Razorcake #51 from 2009, Featuring The Underground Railroad To Candyland, Cobra Skulls, Tiltwheel, Part II, Tom Morello, Whoa Oh Records, Tom Morello

If Fugazi was fronted by the stoners from Fast Times at Ridgemont High you’d have Underground Railroad.

Razorcake #50 from 2009, Featuring Tiltwheel, Shellshag, and Banner Pilot

Each issue included a pull-out poster featuring all previous Razorcake covers! Poster not uploaded to the internet! Keep reading print zines!

Razorcake Issue #49 from April/May 2009, Featuring Shark Pants, Holly Golightly, In Defence, Vitamin X, Louis Jacinto, Kate Nash

A lot of people were very unhappy with how many times we reviewed Dillinger Four's Civil War in the previous issue. I mean, people complained to me about it a decade later. My response: fanzine = fan + zine.

Razorcake Issue #48 from 2009, featuring Shang-A-Lang, God Damn Doo Wop Band, It’s Casual, Horsebites, One Punk’s Guide to Otis Redding, and Obituary for Jamie Ewing, San Diego Chicken

A band called the Grave Diggers were scheduled to open for Otis Redding the day his plane crashed in Wisconsin. The Grave Diggers went on to become Cheap Trick… And people really got pissed off that we reviewed Dillinger Four's Civil War so many times. Like they bring it up seven years later.

Razorcake Issue #47 from 2008/2009, Featuring Sass Dragons, Hex Dispensers, Full Of Fancy, Rager, Ninja Gun, and The Vinyl Record Bubble?, Jay-Z

The Sass Dragons sound like if The Ergs! were more into the Dwarves and had less shame. Dumb! Together! Nardwuar interviews Jay-Z.

Razorcake Issue #46 from 2008, Featuring Killer Dreamer, Dead To Me, Steel Tigers Of Death, New Model Army, One Punk’s Guide to…, N.E.R.D.

Killer Dreamer, straight outta Pedro. DIY action zombie punk. Hail Gorgomoth.

Razorcake Issue #45 from 2008, Featuring Leatherface, RKL, Bad Reaction, and articles Election 2008, Let’s Wreck the Party: Rethinking Political Affiliation, Infoshop? Infoshop!, Justice

Tobe Hooper fans, rejoice! The U.K.’s arguably best intricate punk band returns to talk about their fancy gear and beat the shit out of everyone they can!

Razorcake Issue #44 from 2008, Featuring The Potential Johns, Los Illegals (part II), Bear Proof Suit, Svartenbrandt, Statues, Jean Chrétien

The Potential Johns—you know these guys—they’re that Marked Men side project – that’s been around for like, a lot longer than the Marked Men.

Razorcake Issue #43 from 2008, Featuring Reigning Sound, Los Illegals, Edward Colver, Los Illegals, Bomp! Records, Weird Al

…And Weird Al. Yep. Weird Al? Yes, that Weird Al.

Razorcake Issue #42 from 2008, Featuring Tranzmitors, Hunchback, Wounded Lion, The Rebel Spell, Geykido Comet Records, U.S. Air Guitar Championships, Hillary Duff

Rest in peace, Lance Hahn and Todd “Serious” Jenkins.

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