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Razorcake Issue #77 from 2013 with Steve Adamyk Band, Generacíon Suicida, Awesome Fest 7, Jello Biafra, and Expand Civil Rights to Include Social Class

It’s sort of like The Warriors but with a better soundtrack and less racial stereotypes. Can you dig it?!

Razorcake Issue #76 from 2013 featuring Criminal Code, White Murder, Rational Anthem, and Punk In Indonesia

“We are all devices, novelties forced to feel like necessities.” –Criminal Code

Razorcake Issue #75 from 2013 with Alice Bag, Lost Sounds, Cat Party, War & The American Elite, For the Love of Vinyl

Take your pick of takeaway: Nardwuar: “Alice Bag from The Bags, did you invent the term “douchebag”? Alice: “I didn’t invent it. I didn’t.” OR “I was a total failure at working at Arby’s.” –Alice Bag

Razorcake Issue #74 from 2013 with Birthday Suits, Careeners, The Secret Society Of The Sonic Six, Death, One Punk’s Guide to Science Fiction, An Intentionally Bad Capitalist’s Take on the Internet

"I wanted to talk to Steven Tyler. I wanted to learn English and talk to him. That was my dream." –Birthday Suits

Razorcake Issue #73 from 2013 with The Taxpayers, Social Conflict, Rough Kids, Monsieur Jeffery Evans, Flying Lotus

"Yeah! Let's fucking do it! Let's keep going!" -The Taxpayers.
Climb inside the Florida storage container The Taxpayers lived in to read about the knuckle tattoo genesis of Goof Punx and the band’s origins as a way to pay homage to the Minutemen.

Razorcake Issue #72 from 2013, featuring Eric Oblivian, The Nerves, Lemuria, White Night, Waka Flocka Flame

"We asked Greg Cartwright if he wanted to start a band. He said. 'That sounds stupid. Why not?'" -Eric Oblivian

Razorcake Issue #71 from 2012, featuring Night Birds, Bombόn, Kid Congo Powers, Punknews Buyout, E-40

“At the end of those punk documentaries you just get somebody who’s completely arrogant and has no idea. They think it stopped as soon as they stopped going to shows and started working at Home Depot.” –Night Birds

Razorcake #70 from 2012, featuring Lenguas Largas, Big Eyes, Wreck Of The Zephyr, Jake Austen of Roctober, Metta World Peace

"As long as my mom still loves me, and I get to smoke pot, I don't give a fuck." -Isaac Reyes, Lenguas Largas

Razorcake #69 from 2012, featuring Canadian Rifle, The Consumers, So Cow, John Wesley Coleman, Ghostface Killah

Canadian Rifle: Interview by Todd Taylor. Gritty Midwest punk that’s just a little off. Breaking rules and their own hands, they don’t even follow the conventions of their hometown’s pizza.

Razorcake #68 from 2012, featuring Tenement, The Stains, Amy Oden, Dresden

"We had the crowd already turning on us before we even played our first song... We've always been accepted, but we've never really fit in." -Tenement

Razorcake #67 from 2012, featuring The Stains, Cheap Time, Dead Uncle, Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees

The Stains: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Straight up, an oral of one of the godfathers of Los Angeles punk rock. For a band of this caliber, you’d better believe this will be a two parter.

Razorcake #66 from 2012, featuring Neighborhood Brats, Slow Death, White Lung, Straight Arrows, Mike Watt

“If I wasn’t in a band, especially in this band singing, I would go on a killing spree.” –Jenny Quitter, Neighborhood Brats


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