Chris Chappell Photo Column—Teens In Trouble

Teens In Trouble are the grilled cheese and tomato soup of bands to me. The band’s songs are comforting, fun, and immediately put me in a good mood.

RIP 919 W University Ave. Gainesville, Fla. 32601 by Will Kenneth

This is a story about eulogizing an all-ages space, the importance of those friendships, and being kind to ourselves as we grow. The march of time is cruel, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unkind to yourself as well.

Razorcake 140, featuring Crisis Actor, Félix Partoutatix, Shit Present, Erin Link of EB Ranch Farmstead, Clapton Community Football Club: Against Modern Football

“I think that the most valid criticisms come from a place of love.” –Tony, Crisis Actor

Agid Antaris Photo Column—Diskönsumtif

“Life is only temporary, hardcore punk is forever” are the words I like the most when Diskönsumtif performs.

Anselm (2023), Directed by Wim Wenders' Anselm (2023) review by Billups Allen

Anselm Kiefer and his assistants are shown creating a lot of satisfying destruction: pouring molten metals on some canvases and using flame throwers on others.

Razorcake 139, featuring Osa Atoe, Carnage Asada, Greg Knowles (Chumpire), Two Punk’s Guide to Community Planning

“It’s about connecting to ancestors, connecting to the people who came before me. Why wouldn’t we want to stand on their shoulders?” –Osa Atoe

Gilbert Cisneros Photo Column—Regan Ashton

Regan has been in punk bands since I can remember going to shows, playing in The Playdead Movement and Salt Lake’s finest Problem Daughter. Regan’s solo material takes him into folk punk heaven with a country twang.

Yellow Rain Interview by Rick V. and Tina Vines

Yellow Rain is four friends who started playing hardcore punk in 1982, played two shows, and spent forty years practicing before the next one and releasing an LP.

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—Protozoan

Dive into the raw, untamed world of Savannah’s Protozoan, where primal hardcore beats collide with Ferr’s feral vocals, unleashing an onslaught of aggression that’s both invigorating and unapologetically fierce.

Slovenia’s Punk Revolution: A Conversation with Marina Gržinić by Daniel Makagon

Marina Gržinić discusses Slovenia’s unique punk history and the ways photographs help us feel that history.

Chris Chappell Photo Column—The Taxpayers

I can’t tell you if The Taxpayers or the audience were having a better time, but what I can tell you is that everyone in the room was happy that this singular DIY punk band is playing shows again.

One Punk’s Guide to Surf Music By Sean Carswell

Music is a continuum. All good music is some combination of embracing and rejecting traditions. I’m using a more expansive genre definition for surf music. I’m including spy, horror, spaghetti western, eleki, Indorock, and a bunch of other subgenres into surf.

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