An Exploration of Razorcake #137 at The POP-HOP

An Exploration of Razorcake #137 at The POP-HOP featuring Melissa Cody, Chris L. Terry, and Jim Ruland. PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE!

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Razorcake + LA. Zine Fest + Librarians panel at the LA Central Library, Sat., Nov. 4.

Todd Taylor and Daryl Gussin (Razorcake’s Executive Director and Managing Editor) and Daisy Noemi from L.A. Zine Fest discuss all things zines with LAPL Zine Librarians Angi Brzycki and Yago Cura in the Mark Taper Auditorium.

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Support for victims of Nudieland shooting in MPLS

We are sharing this Gofundme in support of both the MPLS DIY punk community and of a Razorcake contributor who lives at Nudieland and is directly affected by this tragedy.

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Zine Punks - April 15th at The Offbeat

Just posting a reminder about the LA Zine Fest benefit show we're throwing at the Offbeat in Highland Park. $10, cash at the door, 100% goes to LA Zine Fest. Doors at 12, first band at 1. Hope to see ya there!

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Int’l Buddy Deal for our International Buddies

So USPS is making it harder and harder (well, technically just more expensive I guess...but still!) to mail wholesale orders internationally. But we can still send two issues relatively easy so we’ve created the Int’l Buddy Program. $75 gets you two copies of every issue for a year. Split the cost, or whatever! Hopefully this helps in some way!

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New Razorcake Website Launch in Progress

We really thought we’d have a clean launch on Oct. 5. We’re hoping that in the next week or two, you’ll see a new milestone—a stable, fast-loading site that showcases our over 35,000 posts.

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Razorcake Website Improvements—Possible Outages

There is a distinct possibility that our website is going to be blinking in and out from Fri., Oct 10, 2020 through Mon, Oct 12, 2020. As you can see, we have a handful of kittens helping us, so it should go super smoothly. They’re total pros. Your patience is appreciated. –Todd / Razorcake

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Razorcake 118, featuring Soul Glo, One Punk’s Guide to Black Musicians, Sweet Reaper, Tim Kinsella, and Penelope Houston

“At my core, I don’t want to live in a world where money even exists. But you have to think about what you have to do to provide for yourself.” –Pierce, from Soul Glo interview

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Razorcake 117, featuring Myriam Gurba, The Dumpies, Bad Moves, Patrick Kindlon, and One Punk’s Guide to John Waters

“I write with my eye, but I also write with my ear.” –Myriam Gurba

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Eastside Punks Episode 3: Stains

For episode three of Eastside Punks, we turn our attention to East L.A.’s first, most notorious, punk band. Boyle Heights’ Stains were contemporaries, and friends, of Los Angeles first-wave bands Germs, X, Mau Maus, Screamers, and The Gears.

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Yr Not Alone #2: More live readings from Razorcake contributors

This Sunday, June 28th at 5pm PST/8pm EST Razorcake presents: Yr Not Alone #2, more live transmissions from the internet!

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Razorcake 116, featuring Brontez Purnell, Erica Dawn Lyle, Lisa Fancher (Frontier Records), Nate Powell, and The Pretty Flowers

“I really define the occupational hazards of humanness” –Brontez Purnell

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