Razorcake 115, featuring Sunny War, Keith Morris, Notches, Antietam, and One Punk’s Guide to Climate Change

Razorcake 115

“You gotta have friends, and you gotta have enemies.” –Sunny War

Loitering & Benevolence by Daryl Gussin Now Available Through Razorcake

Loitering and Benevolence by Daryl Gussin

“Peeling back the layers of crust and cliché that have built up over punk like bad wallpaper, Daryl gets right down to the point of it all.”

One Punk’s Guide to Getting Anywhere Sponsored to Receive 25 Free Copies of Every Issue of Razorcake, by Daryl

One Punk's Guide to Sponsor a Space

Every punk deserves a free Razorcake.

Razorcake 114, featuring Iron Lung, Gross Polluter, Dialer, Apostasis, and Bad Breeding

Razorcake 114 cover

Who wants a blur when you can have definition?” –Iron Lung Interview

Razorcake 113, featuring Snakes, Mekons, Falling on Deaf Eyes with Justin Maurer, Aquarian Blood, and Dott

“I have a hole in my chest… The first time was in high school, someone drank milk out of it. My shit’s just all fucked up. I can eat cereal out of it. I can drink beer out of it.” —Mark, from Snakes interview.

Eastside Punks, Episode 1: Thee Undertakers

In this first installment of the Eastside Punks series, we speak with first-gen East L.A. punks Thee Undertakers. Beginning at local parties in 1977, they became regulars in the scene centered around the legendary early-’80s eastside punk club The Vex.

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Replacement Page #62 in Issue #113

Just giving everyone the heads up that there was a complication with the printing of the new issue and a whole page is missing.

Razorcake 112, featuring NOlympics LA, Sweet Knives, The Outcasts, and One Punk’s Guide to Standup Comedy

“Arm yourself with knowledge; the more you learn about this stuff, the less you’re compelled to not do anything about it.” –NOlympics LA interview

Razorcake Presents: Acoustic Guitars and Emotional Scars

Come Out and get real with an evening of deep feelz and excavating the bullshit ♥ Featuring Cristy Road, Candace Hansen, and CJ Miller