CAT PARTY #1: FIVE TRUE CAT STORIES, $?, 5½” x 8½”, copied 30 pgs.

May 23, 2018

My heaviest involvement with blogging came at the same time I had started playing fantasy league baseball. You guessed it: post after post about how the Expletive Greys had fared. I had a great time writing about my fantasy team—but when I look back on the writing, I’m bored silly, even though I was writing about my own team. I mention my fantasy blogging because this zine excerpts passages from author Katie Haegele’s forthcoming book of cat stories. I’m a cat person—I’ll take this opportunity to mention that a photo of my cat Spippy in a Razorcake bandana graced the pages of our previous issue—but none of these stories resonated with me. Cats are great, internet cat videos are great—and stories about cats might be relegated to the same space as blogging about fantasy baseball. –Michael T. Fournier (Microcosm, 2752 N. Williams Ave., Portland, OR 97227)