May 25, 2021

File under things I wasn’t expecting: When I opened the CD case, I saw on the back of the booklet a drawing of a person spreading their butt cheeks. Once I got past that shock (especially when you consider the front cover of the album is a drawing of a young woman holding a baby) and dug into the music, I found it an angular, abrasive post-punk journey. It was like a really aggressive version of Q And Not U or Smart Went Crazy or insert your favorite angular math rock-influenced Dischord Records band here. Carthiefschool is a three piece out of Sapporo, Japan, and all the lyrics are in Japanese. The language difference didn’t stop me from digging what they produced on this, their debut album. It’s quite talented but certainly not relaxing. Still, it’s quite good and if you’re into this type of thing (I’m thinking it’s a very niche audience) then this will be a treat. –Kurt Morris (Transduction)

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