CARSICKNESS: 1979-1982: CD

Nov 22, 2017

Carsickness was a band active in Pittsburgh roughly from 1979-’87. During the period identified in the title they released two full-lengths, three 45s, and have appeared on a number of comps. Dunno much about the particulars of this release, but it appears to be a collection of assorted tracks culled from their previous releases, along with some heretofore unreleased gems. Theirs was a singular sound that developed over time, at first sounding like an egghead-but-blistering version of The Clash with saxes and creative time signatures, then later having echoes of prime Psychedelic Furs thrown in the mix, never losing their edge, creativity, or diminishing their passion in the process. Rock solid release throughout for the casual observer and a fitting homage for a band criminally overlooked in their heyday. –Jimmy Alvarado (Get Hip)