Jan 18, 2017

This is what appears to be the very first release for Carondelet Guy, a singer/songwriter from Carondelet, Miss., taking a page from Tim Barry’s book and injecting his own personality and stories into his raw, acoustic songs. Like the title says, this is very real stuff, immediately more authentic and engaging than most acoustic singer/songwriter stuff out there with origins in the punk rock community. No bullshit Springsteen-worship here or cliché lyrics about the back roads or back alleys that you know those guys never fucking walked down (the aforementioned Tim Barry certainly excepted). My only minor complaint is that the melodies on this record are quite repetitive, often using the exact same melody for every line of every verse of a song. With some work on variation and possibly taking these localized stories and relating them to a broader audience, Carondelet Guy should be the next singer the Revival Tour brings along. –Chad Williams (Do What?,

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