CAROLE’S GOLD GYM: Misappropriation of Funs: CS

Sep 23, 2016

From the garish cover art (punk’s answer to No Limit Records?) to the ridiculous lyrics (he definitely just said, “Maybe we could fish, or not, I don’t care. I’m not trying to fuck a mountain”), this is stupid as fuck, absolutely hilarious, and weirdly legitimately good? Though, after a full listen or two, I think I may be playing up the goofiness a little, so don’t let that description fool you into thinking this is another dreaded joke band. By the time we get to “No Pink Versions!”, a synth-driven punk ripper, it’s clear that whatever this project is, it goes a lot deeper than the party punk exterior would have you think. They have this silly-but-dead-serious aesthetic that fits in somewhere between Dead To Me and Dead Milkmen, strange as that may sound. Someone on this thing—I can’t be more specific; vocals are credited to seven different people—has an eerily Jello-like delivery that perfectly suits that vibe. It turns out that I know several people involved with this, so it’s even more magical that this completely came out of nowhere for me. My only grievance is that something must have gone awry with the dubbing, so the cassette sounds like it’s playing through a pillow. Doesn’t really matter to me because I’m gonna use this free download code right now and start it over again. –Indiana Laub (Tiger Force Ultra, / North By Northwest,