CAREFUL: Drunk Dial #7, “Comeuppance” b/w “Ingrown”: 7”

Careful is a guy named Dave Williams. Dave has been in bands such as Crusades and Steve Adamyk Band. I was instantly hit with an intro blast of J. Mascis style guitar into a very mid-’90s style of “alt-pop.” It is interesting to me that I instantly thought of bands from that era that included members who started out playing in hardcore punk bands such as Wheat Chiefs (SNFU) and Doughboys (Asexuals), and after reading the accompanying bio, it appears that Dave has travelled that line in reverse, name checking the aforementioned Doughboys as well as an old Canadian favorite of mine I haven’t thought of in a long time, Punchbuggy. These two songs are beautifully crafted, and they stick to my brain parts like gooey syrup. I love this a lot! –Ty Stranglehold (Drunk Dial,