CAREFUL: Drunk Dial #7, “Comeuppance” b/w “Ingrown”: 7”

Dave Williams from Crusades has a new solo project called Careful. This two-song 7” is their debut release and it’s on the Drunk Dial label, which requires the artists to get drunk before recording. I certainly couldn’t tell because both songs sound as sharp as can be. “Comeuppance” is an original; more poppy than anything Crusades did but with Dave’s familiar vocals. “Ingrown” is a cover tune and was originally done by Smudge, which featured Tom Morgan, who worked with Evan Dando of The Lemonheads. It’s a great power pop tune with solid hooks. The way Careful play, it brings back a lot of good memories of the music from the ’90s, so thanks for that! If this is what Dave does on a 7” when he’s drunk, I look forward to hearing the full-length when sober. Or perhaps he should keep doing the drunk thing. It certainly didn’t hurt these tunes. –Kurt Morris (Drunk Dial,